• What is the duration of the trip?

      The current duration of individual educational programs can be found in the Age of participants, price list tab.

    • What is the birthday party program?

      Birthday party includes 150 minutes of various aviation activities, including movement and logic games, art workshops, a passenger path discussion and break for birthday cake and snacks. The type of activity is adjusted to the age of the Participants. The exact birthday party plan is set by the instructor and the integration and movement games are adjusted to the age of the group. Another element of the birthday party is the creation of a joint gift for the birthday girl or boy and a tour in Aviation Education Center.

    • Can parents participate in birthday activities?

      According to the Aviation Education Centre Regulations, the allowed number of free guardians for special events is 2 parents of the birthday girl/boy and an additional 1 guardian for every 10 people (e. g. for 20 participants it is a total of 4 guardians free of charge). We suggest leaving the children in such care. Other parents can wait in the rented room for a fee. Parents do not take part in animations and do not use the equipment of the Aviation Education Centre (check-in, simulators, etc.).   

    • Do you have a birthday invitation?

      We will send you a birthday invitation in an editable version, after receiving such a request.


    • Can we have candles on our birthday party?

      It is possible to use candles, but we kindly ask for such information in advance.

    • Can we prepare refreshments on our own?

      The ordering person has the possibility to prepare a birthday treat on their own, however, on condition that the scope of such a treat is agreed with an employee of the Aviation Education Centre beforehand.

    • Is the birthday table setting ready or should we prepare it ourselves?

      The Aviation Education Centre provides a table setting that includes: tablecloth, plates, cups, napkins, teaspoons and small decorations.

    • Does every field game participant need to have a downloaded application?

      We kindly ask that only team captains have downloaded the correct version of the application. Technical requirements: the requirement of proper operation of the application is to have a smartphone with Android and enabled: location, bluetooth and the Internet. The application supports only Android mobile devices from version 5. 0 and above. Please remind students to charge the batteries in their devices.

    • Can we take a break for lunch during the trip?

      The implementation of the products of the Centre for Aviation Education does not, as a rule, provide for breaks. At the request of the Guardian, a break of several minutes is allowed, e. g. for a second breakfast. Please provide this information to the tour operator on the day of arrival. The break is then included in the duration of the entire trip, i. e. the duration of the trip is not extended.

    • We have a reservation for a specific hour, how much earlier should we arrive?

      We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the booked tour date. In case of early arrival, we cannot guarantee the availability of parking spaces and access to the Centre.

    • How long before the start of the birthday party should I arrive at the Aviation Education Centre?

      We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the booked tour date. In case of early arrival, we cannot guarantee the availability of parking spaces and access to the Centre.

    • Can I book a trip in a foreign language?

       We offer products conducted in Polish and some of them (e. g. thematic lesson "English at the airport") with elements of English aviation vocabulary. If you wish to complete the entire tour in a language other than Polish, you may participate in the tour with your own interpreter. However, please note that the need for translation into a foreign language extends the duration of the tour, which will incur an additional fee. In order to determine the conditions of such a visit, please contact us in advance at

    • Can we enter the aircraft, the sorting room or the apron?

      The programme offered by the Aviation Education Centre includes movement in a public area only. It is not possible to enter the apron, plane, sorting room, tower, etc.

    • Is it possible to meet with representatives of airport services during the trip?

      This is possible during the Vocational classes in March and the Flight school in April. However, this is always dependent on the current operating situation at the airport.

    • Is it allowed to take pictures while visiting the Terminal?

      Yes, with a few exceptions, which will be given to you by the instructor before the trip. There are uniformed services at the airport, which have the right to inspect the photographs taken at the airport and demand their removal.

    • Is it allowed to take pictures at the Aviation Education Centre?

      Yes, with a few exceptions, which will be given to you by the instructor before each trip. The recording of films and sounds is forbidden.

    • Is it possible to visit the Aviation Education Centre by yourself (without a guide)?

      For your comfort, safety and for the sake of high quality of information, all products are made with a guide/animator.

    • What do I need to take with me on a trip to the Aviation Education Centre?

      It should be taken on tour: 
      Group leader - confirmation of payment for the number of Participants, 
      Participants - shoes for a change (during the autumn-winter-spring period), lunch if it is necessary to take a snack break.
    • Can children eat and drink during the trip?

      Children may only consume food and drink in designated areas and at designated times, e. g. during pre-determined breaks.

    • What if a child forgets to take his shoes for a change?

      If one of the participants forgets to take shoes for change, it is necessary to put on plastic boot protectors, which are available at the aviation education centre.

    • Is it possible to shorten classes?

      Each trip is treated individually. Please submit any suggestions/requests/changes as soon as possible to:

    • Our charges would like to take part in the airport theater, but we do not have the opportunity to come to the air education center in the morning. Is an alternative form of participation in these activities possible?

      We are able to change the time of the tour after prior arrangement of such a change. For this purpose, please contact us in advance at We are also in the process of developing visit programmes to kindergartens and primary schools.

    • What can we find out at Flight School?

      Flight school includes a theoretical training course, the substantive content of which corresponds to the guidelines for the direction of Port and Terminal Operations Technician. We also prepared e-learning blocks in the Aviation Education Centre, lectures combined with multimedia presentations, a screening of the movie: "Professions at the airport", a detailed discussion of the path of the departing passenger using elements of the terminal infrastructure, classes on a flight simulator and Marshaller work simulator, and familiarization with the topography of Krakow Airport using the historic field game "Polish aviation" +/- 100 years". For more information about Flight school, please visit our website.

    • Does the Flight School provide meals and accommodation for the participants?

      No, the Aviation Education Centre does not provide meals or accommodation for the duration of the Flight School.

    • Are meals provided for the participants during the Summer camps?

      Yes, summer campers are provided with a second breakfast and lunch.

    • Who can participate in the summer camp?

      The summer camping program has been prepared for various age groups, including children from 7 years of age. Details of age groups are always published together with the availability calendar of this product, and its booking is possible from May.

    • How long does the summer camp last (how many days and how many hours per day)?

      The full camp program consists of five one-day workshops. Each one-day workshop lasts 7 hours. Detailed days and times of camping are always published together with the availability calendar of this product and can be booked from May.


    • Which product will be the best for my age group?

      The nature of the individual products is adapted to different age groups. A detailed description and age distribution can be found in the tab: Age of participants.

    • Can 13-year-old children take part in the field game?

      Yes, but the field game is generally intended for young people over 15 years of age. In the case of younger participants, each team must play the game under the supervision of an adult guardian. In this case, there is no charge for additional group carers.

    • Are birthdays organized only for children?

      A birthday party at the Aviation Education Center can be organised for participants of all ages, but it is recommended that participants of the event are of similar age because of the need to adjust the form and level of the message.

    • For participants of what age are the workshops held?

      Airport workshops in the Aviation Education Center are for participants of all ages (for whom the instructor optimally adjusts the level of communication), unless the description of a particular topic indicates a specific age group.

    • How old can the youngest groups be when they want to participate in the theatre?

      The theatre is intended for participants from the age of 5, unless the level of the younger group allows to effectively achieve the objectives of the tour. However, it is recommended that participants should not be under 3 years of age.


    • How do I book a tour to the Aviation Education Center?

      Reservations for products in the Aviation Education Centre can be made ONLY via the booking calendar. Reservations sent by e-mail are NOT taken into account.

    • Where can I find information about available dates?

      Current availability of dates together with the booking form is presented in the booking calendar.

    • How can private customers visit the Aviation Education Centre?

      For individual guests we have prepared a series of workshops and occasional events taking place on weekends. Terms, topics and booking forms are available at in the Reservation tab.

    • Can individuals or only organised groups participate in the activities?

      For individuals we have prepared a wide range of weekend airport workshops on various topics and special events, while for organized groups there is a wide range of excursions held on working days. Terms, topics and booking form are available at in the Reservations tab.

    • Can the Aviation Education Centre be visited without classes?

      Currently, our Centre is available only for organized groups taking part in classes, trainings or for individuals taking part in workshops. In order to visit the Centre on the basis of the above mentioned rules, it is necessary to book participation in classes in advance.

    • Can we change the program of the trip and the number of participants to a larger one as part of the voucher?

      The number of people taking part in the tour cannot exceed the number of people indicated on the voucher. The participation of each additional participant is payable in accordance with the current Price List of the Aviation Education Centre. It is not possible to change the program of the tour within the framework of the voucher.

    • Is it possible to change the number of participants by phone?

      Any changes can only be made by e-mail:, changes made in any other way will not be accepted.

    • Can I make a reservation by phone?

      Reservations can only be made via the calendar on the website in the Reservations tab.

    • Can we give up the Mega Package?

      If you would like to resign from the Mega Package, please contact us by e-mail

    • Can I book a trip in a foreign language?

      Currently we offer only products in Polish language. You can participate in the trip with your own interpreter. However, if the need for translation into a foreign language results in an extension of its duration, it will be subject to an additional fee.


    • How many free tutors can attend classes?

      According to the Rules of the Aviation Education Center, there is 1 free guardian for every 10 participants (e. g. for a group of 14 people there are 2 free guardians). Exceptions are special schools, integration groups and groups under 15 years of age that carry out field game activities - individual agreements apply.

    • What if I want to take fewer participants than I reported?

      Please inform the Aviation Education Center ( about this fact in writing as soon as possible and remember that according to the Rules such changes can be made at no cost up to three days before the planned trip. If this deadline is not observed, the ordering person is obliged to pay a fee for the originally notified number of participants.

    • Can I change the size of my group on the day of the trip?

      In accordance with the provisions of the Rules of the Aviation Education Centre, the group size can be changed free of charge at the latest 3 working days prior to the tour. If on the day of the tour the group size is smaller than the number of participants on the reservation, a fee must be paid in accordance with the number of Participants stated during the reservation.

    • What if my child falls ill on the day of the trip/birthday party?

      In accordance with the Rules of the Aviation Education Center, the number of participants may be changed no later than three working days before the scheduled arrival, without incurring any costs for absent persons. If such information is not provided within the statutory deadline, the full fee should be paid, i. e. for the number of participants reported at the time of booking.

    • Is the parent also a participant in the workshop? What is the cost of his participation?

      The participation of a parent, and thus a participant, during the workshop is as much paid as the participation of a child. The parent takes part in the entire workshop programme. It should be said that the workshops have a family character, which means that the groups can be composed of participants of different ages, for whom the instructor optimally adjusts the level of communication.

    • What does the birthday party price include?

      The price includes the care of the animator-educator during the entire event, decoration of the room and tableware in the room intended for refreshments (cups, plates, spoons, napkins) and things necessary for the implementation of the program. Our scope also includes, first of all, developing a scenario and carrying out a series of games and activities related to aviation issues.

    • How and when should we pay?

      Payment should be made within 3 working days before the booked tour date to the bank account number indicated in the booking confirmation.

    • Is it possible to pay a fee at the terminal?

      It is possible, however, any such request should be consulted with an employee of the Aviation Education Center, because according to the Regulations, a payment confirmation must be presented before the start of the tour. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the cash register in the terminal charges an additional fee for each payment according to the current price list of the register.

    • Do I need a VAT invoice if I don't need one?

      It depends on the settlement periods and the date of the transfer. A situation where it will be necessary to issue a VAT invoice may happen. However, this is necessary for the Aviation Education Center, and does not oblige the customer.

    • Can I have a pro-forma invoice?

      The confirmation of the acceptance of a tour booking in the Aviation Education Center, which you receive by e-mail within 4 working days from the date of booking on the website, has been designed to contain all information, which can also be found on the pro forma invoice. It may be presented to various types of institutions if required.

    • What should I do if I provided incorrect data for a VAT invoice?

      In such a situation, you should immediately contact Aviation Education Centre by e-mail at

    • Can I get two separate purchase documents with one payment?

      Yes, there is a possibility. You should inform the Aviation Education Centre employee before you start your tour and discuss details.


    • Is there a café in the Aviation Education Centre?

      There are no catering facilities in the Aviation Education Centre, but there are vending machines available with hot and cold drinks and snacks and gadgets. Payment is possible with coins and payment cards. The offer of vending machines is available here.

    • Is the Aviation Education Centre accessible to people with disabilities?

      Aviation Education Centre is accessible to wheelchair users with disabilities. For participants with special needs resulting from this and other disabilities, please contact us at the booking stage so that we can best meet your needs during your visit to the Aviation Education Centre.

    • Is it possible to buy souvenirs at the Aviation Education Centre?

      es, at the Aviation Education Centre there is a vending machine with a possibility to buy practical gadgets and unique souvenirs with the Aviation Education Centre logo. Payment is possible with coins and payment cards. There is also a possibility to buy gadgets online - at the stage of making a reservation and collecting them on the day of the tour.


    • Is there a parking for tour participants at the Aviation Education Centre?

      Yes, parking directly in front of the Aviation Education Centre is free of charge for group coaches and private cars during classes at the Aviation Education Centre.

    • Do I need to have a printed tour confirmation in order not to pay for parking?

      No, you do not need additional documents to use the free parking for the duration of your classes at the Aviation Education Centre.

    • How do we get to the Aviation Education Centre?

      The Aviation Education Centre can be reached in many ways - by coach, agglomeration bus, SKA1 train and long-distance buses that go to Krakow Airport. Aviation Education Centre is located in the building of the former national terminal, right opposite the motorway entrance in the direction of Rzeszów. Arrival in private cars is allowed for birthday parties and airport workshops organized in our Centre. 
      We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the map available on our website.