Summer camp for children aged 7-10

Unique, interesting, active, safe and cheerful! Your child can spend unforgettable time at the airport’s activity during summer holidays.


Participants can take part in one- or five-day workshops;

Why does the plane flight?
- discussion, art workshop, play, competition and more exercise to find the answer for this most difficult question.

Aviation history - from the oldest aircraft to airship of XXI century. Workshop: aviation history,  the most important people in the world aviation, 100 years of Polish Aviation, flight simulator.

Like a passenger - youngest participants will become experts in the preparation for travelling by plane due to exercises and competitions about travelling and flights.

Jobs at the airport - who works at the airport? what do they do? Participants will be allowed to help in particular services and get to know their work in competitions and games.

Future - 1 day into a space - dancing with a droid, designing a unique racquet, discussion about the solar system.

We will play and learn from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm.
Brunch and lunch provided.