Technical analysis

  • Concepts of the new runway

Analysis of many optional variants of providing a runway for Kraków Airport has been carried out. Two rational variants, selected by elimination and analyzed in detail, will be subjected to environmental analysis. On choosing these two variants the remaining variants were excluded, as they assumed that the airport would be closed for the duration of renovation/construction work, and located the runway at a distance from the existing infrastructure (terminal), making it impossible to use.

Two variants of the new runway were ultimately submitted for environmental analysis: a north variant, recommended by Kraków Airport, and a central variant - an alternative in terms of the environmental impact of the project.



The north variant is a slight modification of the location of the current runway, assuming a deviation of 4° relative to the current course of the runway. This variant is recommended by the airport authority, as it best combines the business objectives of the airport with the interests of residents.


The central variant assumes that the newly built runway will be oriented diagonally, intersecting the existing runway (at an angle of 17° relative to the current course of the runway).


  • A modern runway to meet the needs

The length parameters of the new runway have been determined taking into account the fact that Kraków Airport is a destination airport (not a transfer airport), and its development strategy includes expansion of transatlantic flights. Accordingly, the length of the runway has been specified so as to meet the requirements of Boeing 787 (Dreamliner), one of the most modern aircraft operating on such routes.


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