"Closer to Airport" Grant Competition

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Starting on 12th October, investors are invited to file applications for co-financing infrastructure projects intended for villages situated closest to Kraków Airport.

The winners of the new "Closer to airport" grant competition will receive up to PLN 30 thousand for projects that benefit the inhabitants of: Aleksandrowice, Balice, Rząska, Szczyglice, Cholerzyn, Chrosna, Mników and Morawica. It is a second programme intended for the inhabitants of communes that lie in close proximity to Kraków Airport. Kraków Airport is the only airport in Poland that has introduced grant programmes for citizens.


The new grant programme is geared at co-financing infrastructure projects involving the management of the public space, giving it determined and permanent functional properties. The projects may also involve: purchase of machines, devices, vehicles, which will serve local communities of villages located closest to Kraków Airport. At the citizens' request, representatives of Zabierzów and Liszki communes have been invited to take part in the competition as the jury.


The applications can be filed until 12th April 2018. More information about the grant competition available at


The new "Closer to airport" grant competition, along with "Supporting our neighbours" competition, which has been continued since 2009, constitutes a significant – but not only – form of Kraków Airport's social involvement.

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