Here’s a short guide to help you get ready for your flight

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  • It is a good idea to leave for the airport earlier, so that you have some time to spare. Since it’s summer vacation, there is a high chance of increased traffic on A4, which is why passengers are advised to think about using alternative transport to the airport. More on this topic in the Transport tab.
  • It is advised to prepare all essential documents beforehand. This applies to any documents that are required by your carrier during airport procedures, i.e. boarding pass and the documents you used when booking the flight, such as an ID card or a passport. Make sure to verify the validity of all your documents, as some countries require documents to be valid from three to six months from the date of the travel. More tips in the Travel documents tab.
  • It is a good idea to check the limits on luggage, as well as specific requirements regarding luggage size of a given carrier. Exceeding the admissible luggage size may result in additional fees. If you plan a charter flight, you should also check if any additional documents from the charter desk are required. These will need to be collected before arriving at the check-in.
  • Passengers who wish to take a bicycle need to fold it before it can be brought on the plane, according to the carrier’s guidelines. Tools that may help you prepare your equipment for the flight (e.g. Allen keys) are available to passengers free of charge at the airport’s information points and by outdoor car park P2.
  • Please check all information pertaining to the articles that are allowed as carry-on luggage. You should also remember that all individual liquids and aerosols must be in containers not larger than 100 ml, packed in a clear resealable bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre (those can be collected free of charge at security checkpoints and information points). Additional information on this topic available in the Security control tab.
  • It is not worth waiting around before moving on to the security checkpoint. This is because during the day some flights may be congested, which unfortunately translates to an extended waiting time. For your convenience, we have installed a pylon that informs the passengers of the traffic expected at security checkpoints within the next 30 minutes. Additionally, if you plan to travel beyond the Schengen area, you should show up at the passport control as soon as possible.
  • Before travel, we also advise you to install Kraków Airport’s mobile app, which will send you notifications on the status of your flight. You can also use it to locate facilities such as rooms for parents with children, commercial and service outlets, or parking spaces on the airport’s premises. More information on the app available here
  • FAQ available here. We also advise you to check the Travel tab.
 Have a safe flight #flyKRK