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Innovative navigation technologies in Kraków

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On Wednesday, December 14, 2016 representatives of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency and the Board of Kraków Airport signed a letter of intent concerning the cooperation aimed at activation of Ground Based Augmentation System (GABS) at Kraków Airport.


The signed agreement concerns implementation of GBAS-based instrument flight procedure at Kraków Airport. The system uses satellite technology supporting the air traffic control navigation system.

GBAS (Ground Based Augmentation System)

At present GBAS operates at the largest airports in the United States of America (e.g. San Francisco) and Europe (e.g. Frankfurt, Malaga, Bremen, Zurich). It is expected that in the future GBAS will become an alternative to the currently operating ILS, but as for now, both systems will operate in parallel allowing for a wider access of airlines to the airport.

The new technology (a single GBAS) enables not only simultaneous approaches comparable to ILS on all runway directions and transfer of aerial operations from a specific runway to a different one without the need to install any additional devices, but first of all it provides flexibility in the design of approach procedures at the airport. The implementation of the new technology will contribute indirectly to reduced fuel consumption by airlines and design of routes over less populated areas.

In Kraków, due to the planned construction of the new runway, while maintaining the continuous operation of the airport, GBAS will facilitate smooth transfer of aerial operations from the previous runway to the new one, since the same system will operate also on the new runway.


The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency is the only institution in the country that trains and employs air traffic controllers who are on duty twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Every day they handle approx. 2,500 flights. During the year: approx. 1 million. The Polish Air Navigation Services Agency is also responsible for managing the Polish airspace and the advanced air infrastructure constructed and developed by it. It supervises, among others, radar systems, air navigation equipment, communication systems and landing support systems.