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Kraków Airport encourages innovations

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The first support programme for young technological companies in Kraków will be carried out by Kraków Technology Park. Kraków Airport is a strategic partner of this start-up accelerator.


The accelerator – a support programme for young technological companies – will be launched in the beginning of 2017. The companies included will take part in a 3-month support programme during which they will have an opportunity to work with experienced mentors, industry experts and business coaches. The aim of this accelerator is to speed up the evolution of young technological companies and establish their new, dynamic path of development. A key component of this programme is a non-repayable grant, amounting to 200,000 PLN, which will help the young companies to acquire all necessary services and to develop their products.


Kraków accelerator will support the companies involved in innovative industrial solutions. The programme will deal with anything that can simplify the production processes, logistics, storage, resources management and quality assurance. Each young technological company working on new solutions designed to increase efficiency of industry can take part in the ScaleUp programme launched by Kraków Technology Park. The programme will be open for companies from all around Poland.

Since mature, experienced companies from Małopolska region take part in the programme, its success is guaranteed. One of these companies is Kraków Airport. An airport is a complex structure. One can test and implement innovative solutions here, from sensors, monitoring, technologies supporting the customer service, up to advanced systems supporting business processes. An airport is like a small town visited by hundreds of employees working for different companies and thousands of passengers every day. In such a place there are many areas for implementing the innovations. We hope that combining the infrastructure of Kraków Technology Park with the experience of Kraków Airport will make it possible to create appropriate environment for the development of innovative solutions, and that these solutions will be then implemented and used by our passengers, among others.

Creating such an interesting support programme for start-ups would not be possible without Kraków Airport’s readiness to cooperate and its experience – both in creating innovative solutions and implementing them. It is also worth mentioning that the programme is backed by some entrepreneurs from Małopolska region, who are its supporting partners. These are 7 innovative manufacturing companies working in the Kraków Special Economic Zone.