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New amenities for the youngest Kraków Airport passengers

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Our public educational zone located in the passenger terminal is now open. It is yet another place that offers interactive family activities to passengers flying from Kraków Airport. The space created by the Kraków Airport employees raises awareness of safe and responsible travelling among children.

It allows the youngest passengers and their guardians to relax before departure and learn new things about the world around us. It is also yet another interactive place included in the tours organised by the Kraków Airport Aviation Education Centre.

Upon its opening, the educational zone located in the airport mezzanine was tested by the children from the municipal kindergarten in Czarny Dunajec.

The zone offers much more than a traditional playground. It has an astronomy, space travel and future airport-themed play wall. It also features the “Planet symphony”, an air traffic control tower with the phonetic alphabet and signals used by aircraft marshallers to communicate with pilots. Children can also play with a telescope/kaleidoscope, helicopter and aircraft models, and an educational jigsaw puzzle teaching them about what can be carried in their hand luggage.

The educational zone also features a map of the disappearing world presenting endangered species of animals and plants in a children-friendly manner, along with examples of forbidden animal products covered by the CITES Convention. The map of the disappearing world was created in cooperation with the officers of the Kraków Airport Customs Office. It is the next stage of a joint project aimed at raising awareness of safe and responsible travelling.

Our new zone is already the second place for the youngest passengers opened within the last few weeks. Since August, children have been able to use our play zone featuring XXL chess, a football table and a tennis table.