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A solemn event was held at the seat of Kraków Airport today, as the winners of this year's edition of “Supporting our Neighbours” grant competition, and a pilot programme directed to villages situated closest to the airport, which was implemented earlier this year for the first time, signed their agreements. The total of 18 projects will receive funding as a result of these projects. 

“Supporting our Neighbours”

From the 71 grant applications filed in this year's 9th edition of “Supporting Neighbours”, 11 winners were selected. At the citizens' request, for the first time in the history of the competition, representatives of Zabierzów and Liszki communes were invited to take part in the competition as the jury.


Thanks to co-funding of the winning projects by Kraków Airport, the Sports and Recreation Centre in Zabierzów will soon receive new sound equipment, an automated external defibrillator will be given to the Volunteer Fire Department in Balice, and an outdoor gym will be built for the 30th anniversary of the Brother Albert Foundation. From September, the students from a school in Rząska will be able to practise a new musical instrument and attend extracurricular language classes, which will also obtain financing. A so-called green class will be added to a playground in Kaszów, and a modern language classroom will be built in Morawica. For the subsidy obtained from the airport, the Volunteer Fire Department in Kryspinów will buy a portable trash pump. Moreover, Kraków Airport will co-finance a leisure zone in Brzoskwinka Valley and Integration Picnic at the Farm of Life in Więckowice.


Pilot project of a programme addressed to villages

During informative meetings, Kraków Airport representatives discussed with the citizens the assumptions of a programme intended for the communities of 8 local villages. Nearly 90% of the attendants who filled out questionnaires pointed out that an additional programme was needed to implement projects which would benefit the communities that live close to the airport. The inhabitants expressed a need for improvement in such areas as: infrastructure, safety and education.


Consequently, independently of “Supporting our Neighbours” grant programme, the Kraków Airport Management Board decided that as part of the pilot project of the programme directed to 8 villages which are situated closest to the airport (i.e.: Rząska, Szczyglice, Balice, Aleksandrowice, Chrosna, Morawica, Cholerzyn, Mników), it will additionally co-finance 7 investment projects that will benefit the inhabitants of the aforementioned villages. The projects have been selected from the applications filed as part of “Supporting our Neighbours” grant competition. 

Kraków Airport will co-finance: the construction of a garden square by Dom Ludowy in Szczyglice, extension of a video surveillance system in Aleksandrowice, construction of fencing for the building of the Volunteer Fire Department and video monitoring in Morawica, an “active” pedestrian crossing in Cholerzyn, the purchase and assembly of blinds in the windows of a gymnasium in the School and Kindergarten Complex in Balice, which also serves as a venue for villagers' meetings, and a didactic corner at the Recreation and Sports Centre in Mników.


Corporate volunteering

Kraków Airport has also offered its support in obtaining additional funds from other sources (e.g. EU funds, grant programmes etc.) to all applicants of this year's edition of “Supporting our Neighbours” grant competition These measures are taken by the employees of the airport as part of corporate volunteering.


The list of all winning projects is available at:





Kraków Airport’s social responsibility is acknowledged by CSR experts. In this year's 15th edition of Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices, “Supporting our Neighbours” was distinguished for the fourth time in a row. In May this year, Kraków Airport was listed in the crystal category of the Responsible Businesses Ranking published by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.