WYD at Kraków Airport – summary

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On 9 August the last airplane chartered for the WYD departed from Kraków. During the celebrations of the World Youth Day, Kraków Airport handled 208 additional aerial operations. Between 19 July and 8 August 40,000 additional passengers (pilgrims) used Kraków Airport. Just after the World Youth Day has finished, Kraków Airport noted the highest passenger traffic in its history – we handled more than 20,000 passengers in one day, twice!

The first passenger for the WYD came to Kraków Airport on 16 July. The highest number of additional aircrafts for the pilgrims were present at the airport on Monday, 25 July and on Tuesday, 26 July – 9 and 7 flights respectively. As for the number of passengers coming to Kraków, the highest traffic was noted on Sunday, 24 July and on Monday, 25 July – 10,312 and 10,453 respectively. On other days the number of passengers was less than 10,000.
We noted the highest number of additional aircrafts for the pilgrims on Monday, 1 August – 30 additional flights. On 1 and 2 August we broke the record for the highest number of departing passengers – there were 13,200 and 12,015 people respectively to departure from Kraków Airport on these days. On 1 August another record was broken, as there were 22,552 passengers who used the airport. On the next day, 2 August, we also helped more than 20,000 passengers – the number amounted to 20,158. The last chartered flight for the WYD departed from Kraków Airport on 9 August.

During the World Youth Days there were also groups of disabled people arriving at and departing from Kraków Airport. All of them, both those who informed us beforehand about their arrival and those who had not done so, were assisted within the highest standards regarding the time they waited for help – 10 minutes for departures and 5 minutes for arrivals.
During the WYD there were 70 volunteers working at the Kraków Airport. They came from Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, Italy, Romania, Malaysia, Croatia and Vietnam. From 23 July to 3 August our staff working in the Information Centre and the 24-hour Call Centre helped 19,021 people. The greatest number of people addressing our staff for information was noted on 1 August – we helped 2097 people that day, which gives, on average, 100 inquiries per hour. On 11 July we opened a special tab at our website,, dedicated to the WYD. It contained all the current information regarding the event and its potential influence on the airport operation. The current information was available also via Kraków Airport’s social media (Facebook and Twitter).