Charges calculator

Airport charges calculator in Kraków Airport for regular airlines

New destination New destination - the status allocated to a direct destination that is not offered at the Kraków–Balice aerodrome at the time of its launching and has not been offered by the carrier for the last two schedule seasons.
Frequency (weekly)
Aircraft Capacity
Load Factor (%)
Parking Duration (minutes)
Fee category Operating time
0-3 m 4-12 m 2 year 3 year 4 year +
Total charges – one operation

Values calculated with the CHARGES CALCULATOR are estimates which automatically include the landing discount for new routes.
  • The remaining discounts must be calculated individually.
  • The final value of service will be specified on the invoice.
Kraków Airport has used its best efforts to ensure error-free operation of the CHARGES CALCULATOR but it shall not be liable for any errors in the functioning thereof, or arising out of any inappropriate use thereof.
Detailed regulations on airport tax rates and available discounts are specified in the following document:
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