Airport tour

By taking a close look at what goes on in the departure and arrival areas, the participants of the tour of the airport will put themselves in the shoes of our passengers. The ever-growing passenger traffic, continuous increase in the quality of passenger services and always being ahead of our clients’ expectations are Kraków Airport’s main challenges for the upcoming years, and during our tour of the terminal we will give our participants a live demonstration of how we face those challenges. The participants will also see infrastructure completed in 2016 as part of a project aimed at comprehensive modernisation and expansion of the passenger terminal. Kraków Airport’s uninterrupted participation in ACI Airport Service Quality (ASQ) programme since 2007 and the Best Improvement award for the year 2016 in the Europe category will serve as a great pretext to share our experience with customer service and with implementing new amenities in order to cater for our passengers (such as free phones for passengers, relaxation exercises with personal trainers in the departure area or an entertainment zone with activities for passengers in the common area).