Do low-cost airlines transport animals?

Low-cost airlines operating at Kraków Airport, i.e. Ryanair, Easy Jet,, Norwegian and Eurowings all have different regulations concerning animal transport aboard their planes. Below, is the summary of regulations concerning animal transport adopted by low-cost airlines operating at Kraków Airport:

  • Ryanair does not allow any animals aboard the plane except for guide dogs.
  • Similarly, Easy Jet does not allow any animals aboard the plane either, except for guide dogs.
  • only allows animals aboard domestic flights in Great Britain. Therefore, it is impossible to transport an animal (even a guide dog) when flying from or to Kraków.
  • Norwegian does allow animals aboard their planes but they are put in special cages or containers and transported in the cargo hold.
  • Eurowings transports pets (cats or dogs) up to 8 kg and only in the passenger cabin. The animal must be put in a cage that allows it to move freely during flight.