Airbuses. The first A330, which will have two classes for 378 passengers, will be delivered in June 2016. The delivery of the first A350 and second A330 is planned for spring 2017, and the second A350 a year later. Groupe Dubreuil will buy the planes and then lease them to French Blue.
French Blue – a New Airline
French Blue is a new player on the low-budget airline market. The first flights will be this year. The aircraft’s entrance is so strong that for its debut, French Blue chose a transatlantic connection: Paris to the Caribbean. The airline is owned by Groupe Dubreuil, which gained its first experiences in the industry thanks to Air Caraibes based in the Antilles. The group is also involved in the hotel industry, energy sector and gastronomy. The connection from Paris (Orly) to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic will begin in September. The next connections will begin in June 2017, to Mauritius and Reunion. They’ll begin with two A330-300 and two A350-900
Airbus A320ceo in Aegean Colours
An order for the delivery of 8 A320ceo Airbuses was signed in 2007. The first of these machines was given to a Greek airline. The ceremony of presenting the planes took place at the Airbus headquarters in Toulouse. Speeches were given by Christopher Buckley, Airbus Executive Vice-President for Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific, and Dimitris Gerogiannis, Director of Aegean Airlines. The order is being realised at a moment when the airline has a vast network of connections (it has beat the record for the number of connections among Greek operators) and is doing very well, with steady growth. In itself, the doubling of the number of passengers from 6.1 million in 2012 to 11.6 million in 2015 gives an impression that this trend will continue. The airline has a network of 145 connections, of which 111 are international routes. The remaining 34 are domestic and cover both mainland and island airports. The growth is proof of the positive condition of the Greek tourism industry, since this southern country struggled with a GDP decline of 30% over the course of barely 5 years. In this difficult economic situation, the firm continued to make investments to improve its quality of services and the competence of its employees. It is clear that this has led to profits and the strengthening of the airline’s position.
supersonic Boom Aircraft
Work is underway on a new passenger plane called Boom which reaches supersonic speed. A technological breakthrough is imminent in this category of planes – not very long ago there were reports about similar projects carried out by NASA and Aerion. The team working on the new airplane is based in Denver and can already boast an improvement in parameters in relation to the famous Concorde. The plane, with a score of 2.2x the speed of sound, surpasses its famous rival by 0.2 Mach, and its operational costs makeit possible to set ticket prices that are comparable to current business class prices. At the moment, the project is in its initial stage of development, but the first flight is planned for the end of 2017. Potential buyers are already interested. According to information obtained by journalists for Fortune magazine, Virgin Airlines is interested in buying the new plane.