This spring, both men and women will be wearing botanical atlases. Flowers that look like they’re straight out of academic illustrations, blossoms, vines and tropical leaves have sprouted on jackets, blouses, dresses and accessories in Polish shops.
FLORAL PATTERN T-SHIRT – 190 ZŁ SPORTS TROUSERS – 490 ZŁIf there is a plant motif that can be singled out as particularly fashionable this season, tropical flowers and leaves – hibiscus, palms and philodendrons – are the winners. Designer Mariusz Przybylski uses them in his latest collection. A unique floral print ornaments men’s T-shirts and cotton sports trousers for an urban style.
BOW TIE – 100 zł This hand-stitched bow tie in a colourful floral pattern represents B. Muszyński’s newest botanical collection for elegant men. A flower in your buttonhole is no longer necessary. bmuszynski.comFLORAL PATTERN JACKET – 549 ZŁ A boxy, geometric cut and a minimalistic floral print give this spring jacket many possibilities. It works equally well with a light, romantic dress or with slacks and a shirt.
LEATHER HANDBAG – 390 ZŁ This bouquet of flowers can be carried at a party or draped from your arm on a stroll. This floral-patterned handbag, handmade from natural Italian leather, is a compromise between classic style and extravagance.
FLOWER-PATTERNED KIMONO RAINCOAT – 450 ZŁ The designer Kasia Miciak likes simple forms, natural fabrics and patterns drawn from local cultures and folklore. A modern raincoat of woollen fleece with a flowery front piece made of fabric that is a mixture of cotton and linen is an excellent combination for spring. KASIA MICIAK DESIGNFASHION
BEATA CUPRIAKDRESS WITH POCKETS – 439 ZŁ The main stars of Beata Cupriak’s collection are always dresses – the most feminine of all clothing items. This season it’s a dress with a floral pattern, giving colour and freshness to a classic office look.