Aviation Education Center + Airport Theatre

The youngest (5-7 years old) participants will get to know rules of traveling with checked luggage but first they will take part in a special airport performance which shows one of three scripts about little Johny who is flying on holiday with his mum;


"Passenger path with checked baggage”

John learns about the different elements of the passenger’s path, the infrastructure of the airport and  the ,, magic” which makes the plane fly. Fearful of the flight, will Johnny be convinced of  air travel and perhaps he will even want to become a pilot one day…?

,,Airport competitions’’

Both at the airport and during the flight John notice that his journey would not have been possible without the people who are preparing and carrying out the flight operations . John also gets to know the  airport information staff , handling agents and also operational and security services.  Who will John want to become when he grows up…?

,,On board’’

Little Johny prepares immediately for his journey, during the flight he learns about the secrets of flying, cabin crew and customs and rules on board.


Classes ended with a visit on the viewing terrace preceded by a walk through the passenger terminal Krakow Airport. Duration: 2h. Age 5-7 years.