Aviation Education Centre + Thematic lesson

The classes divided into two blocks: a multimedia presentation of a topic chosen by the Purchaser and civil aviation classes, including a discussion of the path of a departing passenger with checked baggage. During the classes there are also competitions and logic games that reinforce knowledge. The subject of the lesson can be chosen when making a reservation: History of aviation / Working How an airport works / Air transport  / Airport jobs (for ages: 5-14 ) / Tourism in aviation / Goods in air transport / English language at the airport / Animals on duty / A lesson in profession - film projection "Jobs at the airport (15 years old)”, prod. Kraków Airport 2018. A flight simulator or (to choose from) a virtual simulator are waiting for the participants demonstrating the work of Coordinators of the Ground Air Movement, commonly known as marshallers. In a specially prepared room for this purpose - so-called The VR Marshaller Room, the most active participants of the tour, will have a chance to stand in front of a parking plane and, with appropriate gestures, direct it to the right parking place. Participants must be people age from 8+. CHECK AVAILABILITY