Reconstruction of taxiways and aprons

The investments in the operational area of the airport involved the reconstruction of Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Golf and Fokstrot taxiways as well as apron extension. Thanks to the extension of the airport apron, the number of parking spaces has been increased by five, so that 22 aircraft with reference code C (e.g. Boeing 737-800) can now be parked at the same time. This task concerned the eastern apron and was directly linked to the investment covering the construction of a taxiway from the apron in the north-eastern section (connector) along with supporting infrastructure.
The last stage of the works was the reconstruction of the junction of the Charlie and Bravo taxiways.


The layout of the apron also changed and all the positions now offer more space, which will facilitate the handling and refuelling of the parked aircraft. The total area of the investments is almost 200,000 square metres, nearly 90% of which was covered by the project co-financed by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund. All the conducted works were meant to increase the load-bearing capacity of the airport surfaces, which has led to better safety and improvement of aircraft handling standards.


Due to the need for optimal staging of the renovation works and the extension of the airport infrastructure, it was necessary to adapt the existing Charlie taxiway to the width suitable for class C planes, in the corresponding PCN class. The completed project has improved the airport’s operational potential by increasing the throughput capacity of the taxiway system.
All works were conducted in stages without interrupting aircraft handling.

Construction of a new air traffic control tower

The aim of the project, implemented by the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, was to increase aircraft traffic safety by ensuring appropriate working conditions for air traffic control services. The new ATC tower operates as: Approach Control Office (APP), Aerodrome Control Tower (TWR) and Flight Information Service (FIS). The total height of the building is 45.21 metres. The tower features the most state-of-the-art operations room in Poland, located 38.68 metres above ground.