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Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment for 2014–2020


Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment for 2014–2020


On 21 December 2018, Międzynarodowy Port Lotniczy im. Jana Pawła II Kraków-Balice Sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as MPL) concluded an agreement with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (Pol. Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej) (hereinafter referred to as NFEPWM) according to which NFEPWM will provide co-financing for the project no. POIS.01.02.00-00-0013/18 entitled: Improving energy efficiency by replacing existing lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting within Kraków Airport car parks.


Sources of co-financing: an interest-free repayable loan granted by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management within the scope of Activity 1.2 Promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources by companies, Priority Axis 1, Decarbonisation of economy, within the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment for 2014–2020.


Total cost of the project: PLN 340 322,55
Max. amount of eligible expenditure: PLN 264 675,00
Co-financing amount: PLN 198 506,24


The project consists in replacing existing lighting fixtures outside the open-air car park and inside the multi-story car park with energy-efficient LED lighting.


The main objective of the project is to optimise electricity management and improve energy efficiency at Kraków Airport. The improvement of energy efficiency will positively impact the natural environment and will result in saving Kraków Airport financial resources. This in turn will contribute to its competitiveness and the competitiveness of economy. The additional objective of the project is to promote the company as a pro-environmental entity that is committed to sustainable development and respects the natural environment. The project will result in lowering the use of final energy and primary energy, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and saving electricity and thermal energy. The estimated energy effect in the form of reduced electricity consumption by the car park lighting installations amounts to 425.36 MWh per year, which is approx. 60% of the current electricity used by the lighting installations in question.
The reduction of CO2 emissions may amount to 339.44 Mg per year. Furthermore, the project will result in eliminating approx. 1,400 gas fluorescent lamps containing mercury vapours.


In April 2018 a feasibility study, a cost and benefit analysis, and an ex-ante energy audit were conducted. The project was ready for implementation from the administrative standpoint, i.e. it did not require any administrative approvals or decisions on environmental conditions. A tender procedure for the selection of a contractor for the works included within the scope of the project was prepared. On 9.04.2019  the contract was signed.The project was  completed  07.06.2019. Find out more...


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The OPIE managing organisation has implemented a tool to report potential fraud and irregularities involving the use of EU funds within the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment for 2014–2020. In order to report potential irregularities or a financial fraud, please contact the following e-mail address: or use a special form available at: