Projects implemented with the use of EU funds

The airport in Kraków has also been developed thanks to the European Union funding. These actions date back to 2005, when the project co-financed by the Schengen Fund was commenced. Its purpose was to adapt the airport’s infrastructure to new EU standards after Poland’s accession. In the following years, the number of actions financed by the EU has been increased successively and lately we either already have implemented some of the 9 projects with a total funding exceeding 340 million PLN or we are currently in the process of implementing them. We use the financial aid granted by the national authorities responsible for the management of the Funds as well as the European Commission. The scope of these projects includes the majority of issues that have to be handled by the airport operator, from planning and design, through purchasing maintenance devices, and safety systems, and tools, to constructing the airport’s infrastructure and proximate zone.
More information on the projects implemented thanks to European Union funding can be found here.