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General information



  • Why a new runway?

The decision to build a new runway was announced last May. The analyses carried out prior to the decision excluded the possibility of altering the existing runway without closing the airport for approximately one year. From a number of potential solutions, two were selected and submitted for further environmental assessment by way of elimination, both being reasonable and comparable with respect to their environmental impact. These were: the north option (minor modification of the position of the existing runway) and the central option (runway situated diagonally to the existing runway).



  • Current stage

Environmental inventory - briefing - contract awarding procedure for the preparation of design and cost documentation pertaining to the construction of a new runway in the form of competitive dialogue.

Since last summer, environmental inventory has been conducted and meetings with the representatives of local communities and businesses have been held as part of the efforts to implement the project. In March, briefings were held at administrative offices of the heads of villages neighbouring the airport. Apart from the information on the planned investment, the meetings also involve discussion about the shape of the programme intended for the communities of the mentioned villages. The new programme foresees financing of projects intended for the residents of the villages located closest to the airport.

On 22nd March 2017, Kraków Airport announced a contract awarding procedure for the preparation of design and cost documentation pertaining to the construction of a new runway in the form of competitive dialogue.

  • Why competitive dialogue?

The chosen form of the procedure provides the opportunity for negotiations with the best contractors, selected in accordance with the criteria adopted in the announcement, while observing the rules of fair competition and equal treatment of contractors. The dialogue is focused on all aspects of the contract (subject-matter and terms and conditions of the contract) with each contractor qualified to enter the procedure.

The adopted form of the procedure applies to contracts characterised by particular complexity. It allows the possibility of considering such factors as experiences and data collected from either of the selected planning and design companies. When prepared, the design documentation will allow for the resolutions included in a decision on environmental conditions to be met, which will be issued by the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection (RDOŚ), also with regard to the selected variant of the new runway (either the north or central option).


  • Next stage

In line with the adopted schedule for the investment, environmental inventory will be completed next summer holidays. Next, between September and October, a report on the environmental impact of the investment will be submitted to the RDOŚ. This will be followed by public consultations conducted by the RDOŚ. The RDOŚ will then select one of the two runway options described above.


  • New runway in numbers

2 800 m - length of the new runway
60 m - width of the new runway
1 - number of runways which will be used at Kraków Airport after opening the new runway