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Approval of the Krakow Airport 2036 General Plan

Publish date



Today Kraków Airport General Plan has been approved. The document sets directions for the development of the airport over the next twenty years.


The value of planned investments is about PLN 1 billion. This is the further development of Kraków's and Małopolska region economy and about 10,000 direct and indirect vacancies in the region. Tasks planned until 2036 take into account the development of the network of connections and air traffic in Poland, which will be also the result of the creation of the Central Communication Port.



The implementation of the tasks described in the General Plan of the airport approved today is divided into stages and consistent with the already implemented Strategy of the Capital Group of the Pope John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice private Limited company. As a result, over the next 20 years, Kraków Airport will be the largest regional port in Poland, which strives to be the leader among European regional airports due to the highest quality of passenger service.





Airport Kraków/Balice Airport General Plan - the most important investments

In 2036, Kraków Airport will serve mainly European connections, implemented by carriers using mainly C-code airplanes, i.e. aircraft most often flying to/from Kraków. The main investment task carried out under the General Plan is the construction of a new airstrip, which is a key element of the airport infrastructure. The new airstrip will be 2800 m long and will be equipped with the infrastructure enabling the performance of aerial operations in III CAT. Nevertheless, the realization of this investment also requires investments independent of the port, including PANSA, IMGW.

The passenger terminal will be expanded. In September, a contract was signed with the executive of the project. The designer will present three variants of the terminal extension concept. After analysing them, a decision will be made regarding the final choice. The expansion of the terminal entails changes on the apron of the airport, since it is necessary to logically link the investment with the infrastructure in both the public and reserved areas.

On the apron (i.e. the place where airplanes park at the airport) there will be about 35 positions for C-code planes (currently there are 22 such positions). Already in 2017, the renovation of the oldest (south-west) part of the aircraft's parking plane has started, the northern part is also being expanded. The tasks are carried out in stages so as to limit the impact of the renovation on the ongoing servicing of aircrafts.

According to the General Plan, the location of the Cargo terminal will be changed – it will be built directly at present DW 774. This will improve access to it, especially for trucks, which will no longer engage in the internal communication system of the airport at the passenger terminal.


In November this year, a contract was signed for the development of an architectural and functional concept and a full-range design documentation of the construction of a new cargo terminal. The designer will present three variants of the terminal extension concept and a decision will be made after their analysis to choose the final solution. The chosen designer will develop a full project documentation.


According to the General Plan, cargo loads, as before, will be mainly served by scheduled airplanes, and cargo operations will constitute a small percentage of flights made from the Kraków airport.

Employment predictions

According to the findings of an analysis carried out by Airports Council International, the impact of airports on the local economy can be divided into four groups: direct, indirect (associated with the economic activity of the companies working at the airport), induced (expenses and investments of people who obtain revenue from airport operations) and catalytic (impact on the development of enterprises and on the influx of investors). Thanks to Kraków Airport’s development, the total of 10 thousand additional jobs that reflect these four economic impacts on the labour market will be created in the region by 2036.


Development of airport-related infrastructure

A regional airport like Kraków Airport is an important element of the country's transport infrastructure. The compatibility of the airport infrastructure (including terminal, navigation devices, runway, taxiways, parking levels, among others) and the environment around the airport (including parking lots, railways, access roads) is crucial for passenger service capability. Communication solutions are important from the point of view of passengers, residents and airport staff. Many of these investments require cooperation and dialogue, and decisions on their implementation lie within the competence of various entities and institutions, which is why the development of the Kraków airport takes into account the development strategies of the following regions: Kraków, Kraków county, Małopolska Voivodship and neighbouring municipalities.