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Changes in the timetable for airport-bound trains and temporary disruptions

Publish date



A new timetable for SKA1 line trains running to the airport will become effective this Sunday (1st September). The new timetable will operate until 19th October 2019. Due to refurbishment works at Kraków Main Station (Kraków Główny), and the resulting decrease in the station capacity, alternative transport will be provided for trains operating on some of the runs.


Passengers who wish to travel to the airport by train are advised to plan their journey in advance.

Passengers will experience the following difficulties:

  • Lack of regularity in alternating train and replacement bus runs (longer intervals between runs, even up to 80 minutes between train runs)
  • Trains departing from the airport between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on business days will only run to Kraków Main Station (on the remaining sections of the routes, train tickets will be valid on trams and buses) – the same applies to the opposite direction
  • The last train departing from the airport (departure from Kraków Airport station at 11.55 p.m.) will only run to Kraków Łobzów station (on the Kraków Łobzów – Kraków Main Station run, passengers will be transported by replacement buses). The same applies to the first course from Kraków Main Station towards the airport (departure from Kraków Main Station at 3.48 a.m.)



Additionally, between 22nd and 26th September in the evening hours, trains will not course between the airport and the city centre. Trains will be replaced by buses on the routes enlisted below. This concerns:


  • trains departing from Kraków Main Station at: 9.34 p.m., 10.17 p.m., 11.26 p.m.
  • trains departing from Kraków Airport station at: 9.59 p.m., 10.44 p.m., 11.55 p.m.


A detailed timetable and all news and info concerning railway connections are available at the Koleje Małopolskie website.

According to information received from PKP PLK S.A., this situation will improve once the aforementioned works are completed, which is planned for this autumn.