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First sustainability report by Kraków Airport and invitation to contribute to the next one

Publish date



Kraków Airport is Poland’s first regional airport to publish a sustainability report. The document presents the corporate governance basis, results, future plans and, most importantly, corporate social responsibility activities in the context of the Company’s business strategy.

It is the first time in the history of the Airport Management Company to publish such a comprehensive set of non-financial data in a single document. The report covers year 2016 and has laid the groundwork for future periodic reporting in this scope. The report provides insights for the discussion on the role of Kraków Airport in the region. The work on the next report has already been under way. The publication of the report is supposed to encourage Kraków Airport partners to contribute to its 2017 edition that is to be published already in H1 this year.

Kraków Airport sustainability report corresponds with the Company’s business strategy and provides the basis for further development of relations with partners operating in the airport’s vicinity. Aviation business demonstrates robust growth rate, but involves also risks and responsibility. Therefore Kraków Airport is focused on comprehensive management with due regard to sustainability principles. Understanding the complexity of airport operations is a key factor in continuing the discussion on the airport’s role in the Małopolska region.

The methodological basis used in the report was the international non-financial reporting standard created by the Global Reporting Initiative, in its G4 revision. An additional benefit of reporting using this standard is a sector disclosure dedicated to the aviation industry.

The report is the outcome of many people’s work, including employees at various corporate levels who were involved in the preparations, studies and prioritisation of the material, as well as editorial work, not to mention external partners.

The work on the next report has already been under way. The report is supposed to encourage Kraków Airport partners to contribute to the 2017 report. The previous year abounded in events and initiatives important to both the airport and its stakeholders. Let us remind that 2017 saw the launch of the next stage of the new runway construction project, and the announcement of the John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice Capital Group Strategy, the Master Plan for Kraków Airport, and a series of meetings with residents, which provided a stimulus for the modification of the existing and implementation of new social responsibility projects. Another important landmark was a new grant programme named “Closer to airport”, intended to support development projects in eight village districts which are the closest neighbours of the airport. Last year saw also the start of a pilot initiative “Acoustic climate improvement programme”, which follows the 2017 Kraków Airport (EPKK) environmental noise impact limitation policy. Kraków Airport sustainability report for 2017 will be released towards the end of H1 2018.

Kraków Airport Sustainability Report 2016 is available on the airport’s website: