Kraków - a European centre of aviation industry

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In a few days, Kraków will become a European centre of aviation industry. More than 1 200 delegates: representatives of airlines, airports and tourism authorities will come to the capital of Małopolska to participate in Routes Europe 2016 hosted by Kraków Airport.

World Routes, an international forum, is organised each year, as well as regional Routes forums in Asia, Africa, Europe, both Americas and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The participation in this event gives the aviation industry and the global aviation market representatives the opportunity to implement new business ideas and to reach out to customers, and facilitates the roll out of new products as well as brand marketing and the launch of new flight routes.
During Routes Europe 2016, which starts on April 23 in Kraków, more than 4 500 meetings between airports' representatives and carriers will take place; during such 20-minute meetings airline representatives will be encouraged to launch new flight routes. More than 40 such meetings have been planned by the representatives of Kraków Airport.
On Sunday, a "Strategy Summit" conference will also take place, during which experts will discuss the future of regional airlines, innovations and changes in the aviation market.  On Monday, a "Networking Evening" will take place, an event during which Marketing Routes Awards will be presented; these are important awards because they are given to airports by carriers. Kraków Airport received this award twice, in 2013 and 2014.
Routes Europe 2016 is organised as a part of consistent strategy implemented in order to strengthen the position of Kraków Airport in the international aviation market. Relations of Kraków Airport with market players, including airlines, regions and tourism authorities are based on mutual understanding of needs and expectations of the parties.
One of the key elements of the process of acquiring new flight routes is the assessment of the airport's impact area. Routes Europe 2016 provides an excellent chance to present tourist attractions and business opportunities offered by Kraków and Małopolska. It is also an opportunity for local authorities to promote the region, which is an important success factor in this competitive market.
Participants of Routes Europe have a chance to take part in various tours included in the tour programme which will enable them to admire attractions of the city and the region. Delegates will also take part in the charity run along the Vistula river and in the friendly football match. Money raised during these charity events will be used to pay for the treatment of a child of one of Kraków Airport’s employees. 
During the 5 days of Routes Europe 2016, Kraków Airport, together with official partners: the City of Kraków and Małopolska Region, will have a unique opportunity to present Kraków Airport, Kraków and Małopolska to European and global representatives of the industry. The main objective of Kraków Airport as a host of Routes Europe 2016 is to guarantee the high quality of meetings, carry out promotional activities and organise the event in a professional way.