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Kraków Airport included for the fifth time in the “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” report

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Kraków Airport is among 9 companies from Małopolska region whose CSR practices have been included in the 16th edition of the report compiled by the Responsible Business Forum, entitled “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices”.

Amongst the 11 Kraków Airport’s practices described in the report this year, 5 are the long-term practices, which have already been included in the previous editions and 6 are brand new actions, undertaken last year.


Kraków Airport’s activity in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development presented in the 16th edition of the report has been divided into five areas: organisational governance, community involvement and development, labour practices, consumer issues and, for the first time, environment. In general, this year’s report presents 1190 good practises realised by 177 Polish companies.

1.    Organisational governance:
•    2016 Kraków Airport sustainability report
•    Briefings for the local communities
2.    Community involvement and development:
•    “Supporting our neighbours” competition (long-term practice, included in the report from the 2013 edition)
•    “Need Help” training programme (long-term practice, included in the report from the 2016 edition)
•    Kraków Airport Aviation Education Centre
3.    Labour practices:
•    “Support for Volunteers” competition (long-term practice, included in the report from the 2016 edition)
•    Kraków Airport library
•    Christmas “Help your colleague” initiative (long-term practice, included in the report from the 2015 edition)
4.    Consumer issues:
•    Kraków Airport mobile application (long-term practice, included in the report from the 2016 edition)
•    Inductive loops for the hearing-impaired passengers
5.    Environment:
•    purchase of hybrid cars



•    2016 Kraków Airport Sustainability Report. Kraków Airport is Poland’s first regional airport to publish a sustainability report. The document presents the corporate governance basis, results, future plans and, most importantly, corporate social responsibility activities in the context of the Company’s business strategy. The aim of this publication is also to help the stakeholders to understand the complexity of day-to-day operation of the airport. Kraków Airport sustainability report has been drafted according to the GRI G4 guidelines, the industry supplement regarding the aviation sector, as well as airport’s own indicators. Taking care of natural environment, we decided to publish the report online, at the website (in Polish and English). There were only 40 hard copies, printed on ecological paper.

•    Briefings for the local communities. In 2016 the Kraków Airport Investment Plan by 2023 was adopted. Its main focus is on building the new runway. Taking into consideration the need to provide fair access to information regarding the development plans, Kraków Airport started an information campaign. Within two days after the investment plan had been adopted, Kraków Airport’s representatives started the dialogue with members of local communities. In 2017 open informative meetings for the residents of 8 villages located in the closest proximity to the airport were organised. Additionally, we continued to organise briefings with the representatives of local communities and business organisations. In general, in 2017, we organised 20 meetings during which we presented details regarding the planned investment and discussed a new program for the local communities. Taking into account the outcomes of those meetings, we organised a second “Closer to airport” grant competition and published a Kraków Airport (EPKK) environmental noise impact limitation policy. This policy was the foundation for the pilot initiative “Acoustic climate improvement programme” intended for the residents of the Area of Limited Use.


•    “Supporting our neighbours” competition is Kraków Airport’s flagship project, initiated in 2010 with the aim to provide financial support for the initiatives undertaken in the communes adjacent to the airport. During the 9th edition of the competition we financed 132 projects with more than 800 volunteers engaged in their implementation. In 2017 an interactive engagement map showing all local initiatives realised with “Supporting our neighbours” programme was published on the airport’s website. In April we announced the 10th edition of the competition.

•    “Need Help” training programme has been established in 2007. To this day we organised 11 editions with 472 trainees (36 trainees in 2017). During the four months of the training, the students learn the topography of the airport, safety rules, tasks performed by the services, as well as the day-to-day operations of the airport, among others. After learning all the necessary information, they take part in practical tasks: they help passengers and support our operational personnel in the terminal. This is the best way for the trainees to become familiar with the complexity of the airport’s activity in a relatively short period of time. Having completed the training, the best students are offered permanent jobs. The experience and skills of the trainees have been appreciated by Kraków Airport and the airport’s partners, including airlines.

•    Kraków Airport Aviation Education Centre opened in October 2017 is a unique educational facility in Poland, where the visitors can learn about the way the airport operates and how it is organised. The aim of the centre is to cast light on aviation in a way that is interesting and suitable for various age groups. The centre organises specialised activities, training sessions, workshops and e-learning courses. The younger visitors can watch plays about aviation and learn while playing. The centre boasts 400 square metres of space, featuring “the airport in a nutshell”, an open-access room equipped with the elements of terminal infrastructure and operational area for the airplanes. There are also theme rooms here and two e-learning rooms, each equipped with 6 computer workplaces. Amongst the new technologies used in the Centre, we have a flight simulator and a humanoid robot that interacts with the visitors.


•    Support for Volunteers grant competition promotes pro-social attitude of Kraków Airport employees who devote their time and energy to helping others. The purpose of the competition is to award grants to the best projects submitted by Kraków Airport employees and targeting the charges of public institutions or NGOs. In the second edition of the competition our employees submitted 20 ideas. 12 projects with 70 volunteers working on them were funded. In 2017 employees who worked on the implementation of the projects from the 1st edition were granted an additional day off, the so-called Volunteer Day.

•    Kraków Airport library is an idea proposed by the airport’s employees. Every employee can bring a book, exchange it for another one, borrow a book for the weekend or simply take one. Before the library was established, we organised a competition in order to choose the best name for it. Several hundred books have already been collected in the library and the readers can use a reading space next to the shelves.

•    Christmas “Help your colleague” initiative has been organised since 2015 to help the families of Kraków Airport’s employees in need. During the whole process we ensure the privacy of the beneficiaries, providing the employees only with the information about the age and sex of the children and particular needs of the families. Volunteers collect cash donations and in-kind contributions from the employees over one week. The collected money is then used to buy necessary items. The list of needs is available on the Intranet and on posters in our headquarters. In December 2017 we helped 3 families.


•    Kraków Airport free mobile application for our passengers and aficionados has been available since 2016. Its features include easy to use navigation in the terminal, useful travel information, push notifications about the changes in the flight status (alerts) and an option to send a selfie postcard, which is popular amongst our passengers. In 2017 we updated the application with an interactive 3D parking map with navigation and car localisation shown. We introduced a Kraków Airport Blog feature too. Last year, the application was installed 8,891 times. An average rating of the Kraków Airport application in mobile applications distribution centres is 4.5 (for Android).

•    Inductive loops for the hearing-impaired passengers are our answer to hearing problems which are becoming one of the diseases of civilisation. More and more people around the world use hearing aids. In order to make travelling more comfortable for them, Kraków Airport installed inductive loops in its information points. This device transmits an employee’s voice directly to a passenger’s hearing aid. The sound received by the hearing aid is clear and the system allows to eliminate the problems caused by the acoustics of the terminal. The inductive loop makes it possible for an unlimited number of users to receive sound transmission at the same time.


•    Purchase of hybrid cars is one of the steps in implementing the Kraków Airport (EPKK) environmental noise impact limitation policy and it proves that Kraków Airport supports modern, ecological solutions. In 2017 we bought 6 hybrid cars for the aircraft marshallers working at the airport. This action was a part of the Kraków Airport social responsibility strategy for 2016-2018, whose goals in the area of environmental protection include the use of energy-efficient solutions within new investments. Thanks to lower fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and noise levels, these cars help us to reduce our footprint.

“Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices”.

The 16th edition of the report published by the Responsible Business Forum, entitled “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices”, presents data for the year 2017 and contains 1190 examples of socially responsible practices, submitted by 177 companies from all over Poland. The Report classifies activities carried out by companies in 7 areas according to the ISO 26000 standard: Organisational governance, Human rights, Labour practices, Environment, Fair operating practices, Consumer issues, Community involvement and development.

For the second time the report contains also 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), established by the UN in 2015. Apart from traditional classification to a given area of the ISO 26000 standard, the practices are also grouped according to the SDG objectives they aspire to implement.

“Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” is the most important recurrent publication of the Responsible Business Forum which has been published since 2002. The report is an overview of the activities carried out by the companies that submitted their CSR practices, summarising the most significant issues pertaining to responsible business in a given year in Poland. The introductory part contains articles and comments written by experts. Each publication also features a review of selected press articles and a calendar of CSR-related events.

The report was presented for the first time during the 7th CSR Fair which took place on 12th April at the PGE National Stadium. The publication is available online. This year’s good practices are now included in the practices browser at, where the practices from all 16 years can be found.


English version of the Report: