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Kraków Airport supports space technologies

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Today (13th October 2017) Kraków Airport signed an agreement with AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków on cooperation with the AGH Space Systems student society. The agreement concluded with Kraków Airport will allow AGH’s students to purchase specialist equipment to help them further develop the design of a rover called Kalman. In return, the students will share their knowledge at the Aviation Education Centre at Kraków Airport.

fot. Z. Sulima/Biuletyn AGH
fot. Z. Sulima/Biuletyn AGH

"Yesterday we opened the Aviation Education Centre and today we established the cooperation with AGH Space Systems. We are happy that thanks to Kraków Airport’s support the students will develop their innovative projects, such as the rover. The technologies applied in this type of robots can also be used in autonomic vehicles or in situations when a person’s life is endangered," said Radosław Włoszek, the CEO of Kraków Airport.

AGH Space Systems is an interdisciplinary design team at AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, specialising in space industry technologies. Established in 2014, the team builds rockets and Martian rovers, and carries out high-altitude balloon missions.

"We are satisfied with the development of AGH Space Systems. The members of the club have repeatedly proven that they are not only an incredibly thriving organisation, but they also create advanced technologies from the space sector. Their actions serve as proof that they are very good organisers and that they are successful in building relations with both scientific and business circles. This is best exemplified by their cooperation with Kraków Airport. We are pleased to see that such important institutions in our region become engaged in education projects. I am convinced that today’s agreement will be yet another valuable experience for the students of our university," asserted Professor Anna Siwik, the AGH Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs.

"We are proud to enter into cooperation with Kraków Airport. This means a year of intensive work on improving our rover Kalman. Kalman is a mobile robotic platform whose aim is to perform a set of research actions on the surface of a planet. It is designed so that it can both carry out missions single-handedly and assist an astronaut in their work. The agreement we have signed is a commitment, but it also opens new opportunities to look up at the sky," said Weronika Mrozińska, the President of AGH Space Systems.

The technology used in Kalman allows it to reach places that are dangerous to humans, e.g. during explosive disposals. The rover is adapted for difficult terrains. Kalman also has a special drill which, apart from drilling into the ground, is capable of collecting samples for further analysis.

The development of education constitutes one of the goals included in the Kraków Airport social responsibility strategy within the area of social involvement.

Radosław Włoszek, CEO of Kraków Airport
Mariusz Saługa, Member of the Management Board of Kraków Airport
Professor Anna Siwik, AGH Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs of University of Science and Technology
Weronika Mrozińska, President of AGH Space Systems
Bartosz Postułka, AGH Space Systems
Bartosz Gawęda, AGH Space Systems