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New blog to celebrate 10th anniversary of Airgate magazine

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This year Airgate, Kraków Airport Magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, the magazine has been expanded by a brand new blog. Airgate is a bimonthly released by Kraków Airport, whose aim is to encourage everyone to #flyKRK and discover remote parts of the world. It is also a way to present the assets of Małopolska and Kraków (#flyKRK).

Airgate magazine has been published since 2007. The high standard of its articles and attractive layout makes it highly popular both with passengers and aviation aficionados.
Several awards in Szpalty Roku competition, e.g. in 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014, testify to the magazine’s high standing in the publishing industry.
Airgate has gone through several major changes in its lifetime. It has always featured travel articles, stories pertaining to the airport’s operation as well as articles about Kraków and Małopolska depicting the region in the context of culture as well as business.
Currently, the magazine is divided into three main sections: “Travel”, “Lifestyle” and “Business”, each with its regular columns and articles about current events. The magazine’s division into three parts was a result of a concept that uses number 3 in editing and graphic design. It refers to the characteristic feature of the airport’s brand – triangles, which are now also a part of Kraków Airport’s new logo. The triangle in the headpiece of the magazine, which replaces the letter “A”, is Airgate’s trademark.
Airgate statistics
Ten years of Airgate means over 1,000 articles and 8,400 pictures published on 4,200 pages of the magazine. Each issue is released by a team of 20 people and it takes around 6 weeks to finish.  
Airgate blog – now available 
Airgate blog is available starting today (17th October). The idea of the blog arose as a way of celebrating the 10th anniversary of the magazine, but it is also seen as yet another way to share knowledge about Kraków Airport’s operations, as well as to promote its new infrastructure and the ever-growing network of flights straight from Kraków. The blog will serve as a useful tool for travellers, and as a source of information for Kraków Airport enthusiasts. It will also be a practical compendium of knowledge for people visiting Małopolska and Kraków, offering a broad view of this innovative region, full of tourist attractions and business opportunities.
The blog has been integrated into It its also available from the airport’s mobile app, which – along with the support from social media – constitutes a comprehensive communication platform.