Passenger no 5 million at Kraków Airport

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Today, Kraków Airport hosted its 5th million passenger as the first regional airport in Poland. This way Kraków Airport became a member of the group of European airports that provide its services to more than 5 m passengers a year. The lucky passenger was Ms Joanna, who took an Easy Jet flight to Venice.

fot. Kraków Airport
fot. Kraków Airport

She was very pleasantly surprised. She was handed a couple of gifts by Radosław Włoszek, the CEO of Kraków Airport: a tablet, a voucher for a #flyKRK European flight and 5 entrances to the Business Lounge. The remaining passengers of this easyJet flight to Venice were also handed some small gifts. All travellers were also treated with a special cake.

Interesting facts about today’s event:
  • more than 50 thousand children were counted among the 5 m passengers who were provided service at Kraków Airport,
  • more than 14 thousand disabled people visited the airport this year,
  • the longest direct flight offered by Kraków Airport is the connection to Chicago – 8,000 km,
  • the longest journey in 2017 was made by a passenger who travelled from Kraków to Strahan in Australia – 16,000 km.