PLL LOT – Direct connection to Chicago from Kraków

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Starting from next July, LOT’s Dreamliners will fly directly from Kraków to Chicago. Flights are scheduled once a week throughout the year.

Flights connecting Kraków, the capital of the Małopolska province, and Chicago, the American city with the biggest Polish community, were long awaited by local passengers. Bringing back this intercontinental connection was possible thanks to the ongoing expansion of Kraków Airport and intensive development of LOT’s fleet. Passengers will travel from Kraków to Chicago on one of two Dreamliners which will be incorporated in the airline’s fleet next year. Flights are scheduled once a week and they will complement daily flights to Chicago which operate with a stopover in Warsaw. One crucial reason to launch the direct flights from Małopolska region to the USA is the traditional, ethnic passenger traffic which increases every year.


The decision was based on detailed analysis of the passenger traffic on this route. As shown by the data gathered during last few years, the number of passengers has increased, while the majority of them choose the connection with stopover in Warsaw. Thus, as the results of business analyses were positive, it was decided to launch additional, direct connections next July.

This is only one of the elements of LOT’s profitable growth strategy, introduced in the beginning of 2016. In total LOT launched 23 new connections, including two long-haul flights: to Tokyo and Seoul. During the next year, LOT will significantly increase the number of connections with the USA, introducing new routes from Warsaw to Newark and Los Angeles. In 2017, LOT will have 6 routes to the North America, including the one from Kraków to Chicago.