Skis and the carnival in Venice

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A ribbon-cutting ceremony and a tiramisu – Kraków Airport celebrates the launch of flights to Venice. Since November 1st, easyJet flies on the Kraków–Venice route three times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays).



EasyJet, the second airline in Kraków in terms of the number of passengers handled, offers as many as four new routes in the winter season. These are the flights to: Naples, Venice, Geneva and Manchester. Today (November 3rd) the launch of flights to the city in the northern Italy – Venice – was celebrated at Kraków Airport.

Venice, which is situated on the Adriatic Coast, is called the most beautiful city of the world. It is worth visiting Venice in winter, in particular during the carnival. The Venice carnival is the oldest and the largest party in Europe. The St. Mark's Square or the so called "piazzetta" situated next to the St. Mark's Square form the ballrooms.
It takes less than two hours by car from Marco Polo airport in Venice to Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is not the most popular ski resort in Venice, but it offers 140 km of routes and almost all of them are covered with artificial snow. In the area, there are also 100 km of routes prepared for cross-country skiing.
The Venice Marco Polo Airport is located 12 km to the north of the Venice centre. When landing there, the passengers can admire historical and picturesque panorama of the city, with dominating St. Mark's Basilica or the largest and most important waterway of Venice – Grand Canal.

There are water taxis and motorboats, several bus lines running between the airport and Venice, as well as a train connection. The airport is well connected to the motorway.