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Statistics for April 2017

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In April 2017, Kraków Airport handled 486,288 passengers, which is 17% more than in April 2016. Last month, the airport recorded 3,904 air operations (total departures and arrivals), i.e. 9% more than in April 2016.

Over 25 thousand passengers chose the newly introduced connections alone (among those, Düsseldorf, a new business destination operated by Eurowings, enjoyed the greatest popularity, with over 6 thousand passengers in total). Overall, the most popular of all connections available from Kraków Airport were easyJet flights to France (Lyon) and the United Kingdom (London Gatwick), and this year’s new connection to Portugal (Porto), operated by Ryanair – planes on these routes had the highest percentage of seats taken.

Since January 2017, Kraków Airport has been chosen by 250 thousand passengers more than the year before (+19%), which constitutes almost 1.65 million passengers.



  • New passenger amenities

In April, the airport information points were retrofitted with inductive loops for the hearing-impaired. This allows passengers wearing hearing aids with induction loop receivers to hear information workers without background noise.

  • Routes Europe in Belfast

Routes Europe, the largest flight forum in Europe, is officially over. During dozens of meetings with carriers, airport representatives and companies from the aviation industry, the representatives of Kraków Airport had a chance to talk about further development of the airport’s network, increasing the quality of its services, and promoting Kraków and Małopolska.

  • 9th edition of “Supporting our Neighbours” grant competition

The 9th edition of “Supporting our Neighbours” grant competition started this April and will last until 8th May. During that period, Kraków Airport will receive projects that may contribute to the development of the community and economy of Zabierzów and Liszki communes. The participants of the competition are organisations and institutions which have their registered offices in the communes of Zabierzów and Liszki, where the winning projects will be implemented. More information on the competition available at

  • Security check satisfaction survey

This April, the passenger satisfaction with the security checks at Kraków Airport was analysed with the use of Happy or Not consoles. The survey measured the satisfaction of 21,951 passengers, 83% of whom evaluated the security checks either positively or very positively. The consoles are currently located at the gates.