Statistics for June 2017

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In June, Kraków Airport handled 530,815 passengers, which is an increase of 15% (70 thousand passengers) compared to June 2016. Last month, the airport recorded 4,194 air operations (total departures and arrivals), which is by 9% more than in the same month last year.


photo: S. Pawłowski
photo: S. Pawłowski


Overall, Kraków Airport handled 2,709,458 passengers in the first half of 2017 – that is 400 thousand passengers more than in the first half of 2016, which constitutes a 17% increase. Meanwhile, the exteriors of Kraków trams have been used as part of an advertising campaign promoting this year's record high number of the airport's network of connections.


Regular flights are now provided by as many as 19 airlines at Kraków Airport. In the summer, the south of Europe is particularly popular among passengers. This includes this year's new connections provided by Ryanair: Porto, Valencia and Venice. Another interesting option is Tel Aviv – a destination handled by El-Al, a new carrier at Kraków Airport. On the other hand, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, the two destinations handled by Eurowings, constitute an interesting offer for those travelling on business.




Good neighbourhood

In June, Kraków Airport's Management Board executed agreements with the winners of this year's edition of a grant competition called “Supporting our Neighbours”, and a pilot programme aimed at the inhabitants of villages situated closest to the airport. The total of 18 projects will receive funding as a result of these projects. From the 71 grant applications filed in this year's 9th edition of “Supporting our Neighbours”, 11 winners were selected. At the citizens' request, for the first time in the history of the competition, representatives of Zabierzów and Liszki communes were invited to take part in the competition as the jury. Independently of “Supporting our Neighbours” grant programme, the Kraków Airport Management Board decided that as part of the pilot project of the programme planned by the airport and directed at 8 villages which are situated closest to the airport (i.e.: Rząska, Szczyglice, Balice, Aleksandrowice, Chrosna, Morawica, Cholerzyn, Mników), it will additionally co-finance 7 investment projects that will benefit the inhabitants of the aforementioned villages. The projects have been selected from the applications filed as part of the “Supporting our Neighbours” grant competition. The list of all winning projects is available at:


Blood Donation at Kraków Airport

“RH WINGS”, a voluntary blood donation club operating at Kraków Airport, organised its 24th blood donation campaign. The blood donation bus of the Voivodeship Blood Donation and Haemotherapy Centre appeared on the premises of Kraków Airport on 29th June. During the last blood donation event before the summer season, 9.5 litres of blood have been collected. Blood donations have been organised at Kraków Airport for 10 years now. During that time, airport employees have already donated 290 litres of blood.