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Statistics for November 2018

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In November, 551,066 passengers were served at Kraków Airport. This is 16% (75,000) more than in November last year.


There were 4,208 takeoffs and landings noted at the Kraków airport that month (+ 16% compared to November 2017). In total, 6,211,498 passengers were served during the first eleven months of 2018.



Approval of the General Plan For Kraków Airport 2036
Approved by the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk, in the presence of the Małopolska Voivode Piotr Ćwik and the Marshall of the Małopolska Voivodship Witold Kozłowski, the General Plan For Kraków Airport sets the directions for the development of airport infrastructure for the next two decades. The value of planned investments is about PLN 1 billion. The development of Kraków Airport is an inseparable element of the further development of the economy of Kraków and Małopolska, since it creates nearly 10,000 direct and indirect jobs in the region. The tasks planned until 2036 take into account the development of the network of connections and air traffic in Poland, which will be the result of the Central Communication Airport’s creation. More about the General Plan:

Sustainability report Kraków Airport 2017
The latest Kraków Airport publication, released in November, summarizes the data and actions of Kraków Airport for 2017. The document presents the results achieved, plans and the correlation of activities in the field of social responsibility with the strategic management of the Company. This is the second such report in the history of Kraków Airport and so far the only one among regional airports in Poland.

This year's report shows that the year 2017 brought a significant improvement in communication with the local community, which translated into new initiatives, including grant competition for 8 villages adjacent to the airport, or the policy of reducing the acoustic impact of Kraków Airport (EPKK) on the environment. The year 2017 saw also an increase of 0.23 pp in the passenger satisfaction index, which was proven by a survey conducted by the International Council of Airports; over 87,000 votes in the original customer satisfaction survey “Happy or Not”, or a decrease of 13.79% in the number of complaints about Kraków Airport. The report is available at:

Passenger no. 6 million at Kraków Airport
On November 19th, Kraków Airport was the first regional airport to serve six million passengers within one year. Passenger no. 6 million who travelled from Kraków Airport was Anna, who flew to Chicago via LOT. Anna received a voucher for a flight for two in the Premium Economy class from LOT airlines, and a possibility to use the VIP service and a set of gadgets from Kraków Airport. Other passengers of the cruise to Chicago were offered sweets prepared by Kraków Airport.

Kraków Airport as a new base for Wizz Air airlines
On November 21, Kraków Airport together with the Wizz Air airline announced the opening of the base in Kraków. It will be the 26th base of this airline, with two base aircrafts — the first airplane will appear at Kraków airport in May, the second one in September 2019. In the summer season 2019, Kraków Airport passengers will be able to take advantage of 12 routes offered by Wizz Air, including 10 complete novelties. Connections of the second base airline from Kraków: London, Kiev, Nice, Turku, Doncaster, Bari, Billund, Catania, Larnaca, Kharkiv, Oslo and Kutaisi.
On November 9, the line inaugurated a new connection from Kraków to Leeds Bradford. The connection is operated by the carrier twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays. In the winter season 2018/2019 you can use the & Jet2holidays connections to: Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle.

Ryanair at Kraków Airport: 5th anniversary of the base, passenger no. 20 million, inauguration of connections for WINTER 2018/19
On November 12, Kraków Airport and Ryanair airline celebrated the 5th anniversary of their cooperation at Kraków airport, as well as Ryanair's 20-million passenger being served. The passengers of the happy cruise were greeted with keychains with dedicated graphics, and the 20-million passenger received a Ryanair voucher for a flight from Kraków. On this occasion Ryanair inaugurated three new connections in the winter season 2018/2019: Amman, Lviv and Kiev.

From Kraków to Szczecin - the new Ryanair connection
In November, Ryanair announced a new route that will connect Małopolska with Western Pomerania.
From April 2019, an Irish carrier will offer a connection to Szczecin three times a week (on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays).

Kraków Airport Time Capsule for the 100th Anniversary of Poland's Independence
Kraków Airport symbolically ended the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Poland's regaining independence by placing a time capsule under the floor of the passenger terminal. The capsule contains historical information about the airport, a summary of this year's events, as well as children drawings of the airport and aviation across a century. This year's celebrations include the organization of an exhibition called “100 Years of Polish Aviation” at the Kraków Airport Aviation Education Centre, exhibition of the Institute of National Remembrance named “Fathers of Independence” and events related to Pope John Paul II – the patron of Kraków airport – on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of electing Cardinal Karol Wojtyła pope. A video about the Kraków Airport Time Capsule is available here: