Statistics for September 2016

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The last month of summer ended with an unprecedented record. In September, Kraków Airport provided services for 469,397 passengers.

Kraków Airport recorded a 15% increase in passenger traffic, i.e. 60 thousand passengers more compared to the same month in 2015.


The most popular destinations were Malta, Majorca and Trapani. These flights were almost completely booked. September is also a busy month in Małopolska and Kraków when it comes to conferences, e.g. the Economic Forum in Krynica, the European Cybersecurity Forum and many other scientific conferences that attract much attention from business and scientific milieus. Many conference participants could have been spotted at the airport in Kraków.

In September 2016, we recorded 3,795 aerial operations, which was an increase of 14% compared to September 2015. Kraków Airport has already handled 3,765,418 passengers since the beginning of the year. This constitutes a growth of 17% compared to 2015.

Not only people travel to and from Kraków Airport, but so do animals. Last month, we handled 95 of them, which was an increase of 13% compared to September 2015. These were mostly cats and dogs. However, we also have some unusual passengers, such as mice, trout roe or a chinchilla that flew to Munich on  the 13th of September.