Telephones for Passengers

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In the airport there have been installed 4 telephone sets for passengers of the Kraków Airport. Using these phones you will be able to dial any number within Poland, free of charge.

To meet our passengers’ expectations, we have installed four telephone sets in the Kraków Airport. This is a programme designed by employees of our Terminal Service Department and implemented in collaboration with the Communications Department. Thanks to participation of the T-Mobile company, we are able to let you use the telephones free of charge. With the phones you can dial only the numbers within Poland (both landline and mobile phones). It is really quite simple to use them - just pick up the earpiece and dial the number.




This is yet another solution, introduced recently in the Kraków Airport for the convenience of our passengers. Since June, for the passengers who have passed our security check, strollers are available free of charge, and for several weeks now, there are microwaves in the rooms for parents travelling with children.

The telephones in a distinctive yellow colour are situated in the following spots:

  • in the area accessible for general public:
  1. opposite the Visitor's Centre (Arrivals);
  2. near the PLL LOT ticket sales (in the area of Check-in Desks);
  • past the security check:
  1. in the Schengen Departures area - next to the Premium Food Gate shop;
  2. in the non-Schengen Departures area - next to the Keraniss shop.