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The new part of the terminal is now open

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Earlier today, the second stage of the Kraków Airport terminal expansion and modernisation project was completed and the area went into operation. This phase of the investment involved constructing a part of a building to connect the old terminal to the new one and modernising the former baggage claim area. New check-in counters have also been added. The completion of this stage means less trouble and more travel comfort for passengers who will only be using the new infrastructure from now on.

As of today, all check-in counters are located in the new departure hall at level 0. This zone is connected to the part of the terminal which was opened last year and to a footbridge (via lifts and a comfortable moving ramp). Passengers have 28 brand new check-in counters located near the security checkpoints at their disposal.

The part of the terminal which was opened earlier today also comprises an extra security checkpoint, 3 additional gates and a supplementary baggage carousel located in the baggage claim area. Passengers travelling to Schengen Area countries with PLL LOT, SWISS, Lufthansa and SAS International Airlines will be allowed to use an additional air bridge.

The commission of the new part of the terminal also means expanding the airport’s range of services with new shops as well as catering and service outlets. Two dining facilities have been opened in the restricted Schengen Area: So! Coffee, a café overlooking the apron, and Boccone Trattoria, a restaurant known for delicious pizza, among other dishes. A new and spacious Business Lounge located in the Schengen Area is available for business-class passengers who like to admire the view of the apron. A refurbished Catholic chapel and two separate rooms for followers of other religions are located in the airport mezzanine. These rooms can be used at any time. On Sundays and holidays, the chapel will hold Mass services.

The distinctive facade of the terminal, which resembles an inverted glass prism, has also been completed.

An additional parent room in the public area of the terminal has been made available. All such rooms will be equipped with microwave ovens in order to allow parents to heat baby food. Baby product vending machines are located at the terminal. Changing tables are installed in men’s and women’s restrooms. As of June 2016, parents travelling without strollers can use free airport pushchairs. These are available after passing through security checkpoints. A play area has been created in order to keep children occupied when they are waiting for a flight.

In the newly opened part of the terminal, you can also find an extra airport information point as well as a distinctive meeting point. In the near future, a pet relief area located next to the new open car park will be made available to the public.

The third and final phase of the project will see the modernisation of the check-in area. Additional check-in counters will be installed there. The VIP lounge and observation deck will be located in this part of the terminal as well. Ultimately, the two parts of the terminal will be combined into a single structure. All works are scheduled for completion in Q4 2016. Eventually, the terminal will consist of 18 gates, 46 check-in counters, 3 air bridge pivots, 5 air bridges and 6 baggage carousels. Apa Czech Duliński Wróbel Agencja Projektowa Architektura is responsible for designing the terminal and the station. The investments are financed by the company’s own resources, bonds and EU funds.