Tickets for direct Kraków-Chicago connection available now

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Direct Kraków-Chicago flight tickets are available for purchase as of today (9 Jan).

The first flight from the capital of Małopolska to the city known for its largest Polish diaspora in the US is scheduled for Monday, 3 July. The connection will operate once a week all year round. Tickets can be purchased from the airline’s (LOT) website at

Passengers will travel from Kraków to Chicago on one of two new Dreamliners that will join the airline’s fleet around the next year’s midpoint. Take off from Kraków to Chicago is scheduled for 11:50 AM on Mondays. Arrival on the same day, 2:50 PM (local time). Flights from the Chicago O’Hare airport to the Kraków Airport will depart on Sunday, 5:25 PM (local time). Arrivals at Małopolska’s capital are on Mondays, at 9:45 AM. Chicago departure and Kraków arrival times will change. As of 6 August, flights from Chicago will depart on Sundays, 4:30 PM (local time). Landing in Kraków is scheduled for Monday, 9:10 AM.
Flights to Chicago return to the network of the Kraków Airport’s connections after nearly seven years. Over 90,000 passengers flew from Kraków to Chicago using connection flights last year. The number of passengers for this route grows annually by circa 17% on average.

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