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Trade mission to Chicago

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Nearly 6 thousand people have already taken our direct flight between Kraków and Chicago within the first three months since its inauguration. Launched at the beginning of last July, this long-haul flight is a chance to establish mutual economic relations between the United States of America and the region of Małopolska with its capital – Kraków. The promotion of the direct flight connection, presentation of the economic and tourist assets of Małopolska and Kraków and establishment of trade relations were the aim of a trade mission to Chicago.

The three-day schedule of the mission was dominated by numerous meetings, which were then followed by an opening session. The offer presented at the session regarded economic cooperation between Chicago, the State of Illinois, the Marshal Office of the Małopolska Region, the Krakow City Hall, LOT Polish Airlines and Kraków Airport. The session and individual B2B meetings were attended by Jacek Krupa, the Marshal of the Małopolska Region, Urszula Nowogórska, the Chairwoman of the Sejmik of the Małopolska Region, Katarzyna Król, the Deputy Mayor of Kraków, Rafał Milczarski, the President of the Management Board of PLL LOT and Radosław Włoszek, the President of the Management Board of Kraków Airport, as well as representatives of Chicago, the State of Illinois and around 20 American companies.

American businesses are more and more serious about their investments in Małopolska. New R&D and business service centres,as well as industry plants are springing up, especially in the region’s capital. Over the period of 26 years (from 1989 to 2014) the total investments made by companies with American capital amounted to almost USD 5 billion – i.e. 26 per cent of all foreign investments in the region. Most importantly, as many as 23 thousand inhabitants of Małopolska have found employment in American companies. Their competences are valued, as these people are excellently trained and prepared for working in an international environment. At the meetings, American entrepreneurs learnt about facilitations for investors and smart specialisations in Małopolska, and about events of international importance which regularly take place in the region.

The direct flights offered by PLL LOT on the Kraków – Chicago route are carried out on board Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The flights leave once a week all year round. A flight from Kraków to Chicago lasts around 9 hours. It is the fastest and at the same time the most convenient connection from Małopolska to the USA.