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Transfer route at Kraków Airport

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From 20th July, passengers arriving to Kraków from the Schengen Area, EEA or the Swiss Confederation can use the available transfer route, which enables them to proceed from the arrival hallway to the departure zone without leaving the restricted zone of the airport.

Transfer passengers arriving at Kraków Airport can follow the “Transfer” signs and proceed to the G6–G9 departure zone, and from there to the destination gate located both in the Schengen and in the Non-Schengen departure areas, while abiding by the border check procedures in place.


Passengers flying from the SCH area, who continue their single-reservation journey from Kraków Airport and have checked in their baggage at the original airport for the destination airport, can move directly to the departure zone, whereas the baggage will be transferred to the right flight – in accordance with the “Procedures for handling transfer baggage and unaccompanied baggage”.


Passengers flying from the SCH area with luggage that has been checked in only for Kraków (e.g. two separate reservations) should follow the traditional arrival route to the baggage claim area, and then proceed to check in the baggage for the next flight.

This route applies only to passengers arriving from the SCH area. Passengers flying from other (NSCH) countries, who wish to get to the departure zone, are to proceed through border check and baggage claim area to the generally available zone of the terminal, and then move to regular security checkpoints for passengers departing from Kraków Airport.