VR used in marshaller training

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KRK Marshaller Demo, one of the three projects implemented at Kraków Airport within the first edition of KPT ScaleUp programme, is currently being tested out. The project involves the use of a simulator to train aircraft marshallers in virtual reality.

The project is implemented by a start-up company from Małopolska, Simpro sp. z o.o., which designs VR training simulators for professionals from the critical infrastructure industry.

The application of photogrammetry and advanced visualisation technology in KRK Marshaller Demo allows a realistic depiction of the airport, terminal and aircraft. The project involves creating a programme that would transform expert staff training to virtual reality and KRK Marshaller Demo is the first stage in that process.
Thanks to reliable innovative technological solutions, such as HTC, it is possible to reflect the nature of the work performed by airport staff in various positions realistically. Training in virtual reality also provides the opportunity to practice different emergency scenarios and simulate authentic behaviours of airport employees in various positions.

KRK Marshaller Demo involves simulation of the tasks performed by an aircraft marshaller. A marshaller is an employee who takes over responsibility for an aircraft and its passengers directly from the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency upon landing. The pilot follows a marshaller’s car (the so-called follow-me car) to the proper parking stand on the apron. There, the marshaller navigates the aircraft with the use of hand-held beacons according to an international system of signs. This allows efficient and safe manoeuvring of the vehicles belonging to the companies that handle passengers and their luggage, refuel planes, provide catering and, in winter, are responsible for defrosting.



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