Aviation Education Centre + Passenger terminal

Educational activities carried out on the premises of the Aviation Education Center and in the public area of the Krakow Airport passenger terminal (landside). Classes are divided into two blocks: classes on the premises of the Aviation Education Center arranged as a passenger terminal and equipped with specialized equipment and a trip around the terminal with particular emphasis on the most important elements from the passenger's point of view. The course presents the path of a departing passenger with checked baggage, the specifics of airport operations are discussed and selected issues related to civil aviation are discussed. During the classes there are also competitions and logic games that reinforce knowledge. The participants have a flight simulator or (to choose) a virtual simulator (to choose) of the work of the Ground Air Coordinators, colloquially called marshallers. In a specially prepared room for this purpose - so-called VR Marshaller Room, the most active participants of the trip (minimum 8 years of age) will have a chance to stand in front of a parking plane and with appropriate gestures, direct it to the right parking place. Participants may be people of all ages organized in groups of 5 to 40 people. As part of the trip entrance to the observation deck is included. Participants may be people 5 years and older. CHECK AVAILABILITY