VIP Service

Rest area

Non Schengen


For all passengers

Free unlimited Wi-Fi

Flight information screens

Meals offer (breakfast and lunch time)

Snacks and sweets

Cold and hot beverages

Alcoholic beverages

Home and foreign newspapers


Toilets equipped with PRM facilities

Bathroom with shower

Dear Passengers,
The VIP service at Kraków Airport is available again. We invite you to make reservations. We are looking forward to host you at Krakow Airport.


Kraków Airport has been offering and improving the VIP service for the past 50 years. VIP Terminal is a place where passenger service is tailor-made. Comfortable and spacious interiors, discrete and professional staff as well as a dining area create your premium flying experience.


Here at Kraków Airport we understand that your every journey is unique. We put every effort in making it smooth and unforgettable.