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  1. 1. Frequently asked questions

    • How to book the VIP service?

      To book the VIP service please fill in the booking form and send it to or use the on-line form.

      We kindly ask you to fill in the booking form propely. Otherwise the booking will not be proceeded.

    • Are any changes in reservations or cancellations possible?

      Cancellations and changes are possible and subject to extra charges as per the list of fees.

    • What are the rates for the VIP service?

      Current list of fees available here.

    • What are the payment options?

      Payments for services are accepted in the form of prepayment by bank transfer or credit card / cash in Polish currency, before or during the service.

    • Where is the VIP Terminal located?


    • Is there a smoking area?

      Smoking is allowed only in specially designed booths after passing the security control:



      - in the Schengen area, at the departure lounge No. 1 (Gate 1);

    • Are greeters subject to extra charges?

      Two greeters are free of charge. Each additional person is subject to charge as per the list of fees.

    • How far ahead of my flight departure should I be at the VIP Terminal?

      When travelling on domestic flights with hand luggage only we kindly ask passengers to arrive at the VIP Terminal no later than 30 minutes before departure. When travelling with check-in luggage or on international flights – 60 minutes before departure. When travelling with few pieces of luggage or with transatlantic connections – 90 minutes before departure.

    • Is catering included?

      At the VIP Terminal snacks and hot/cold beverages are being offered.

    • Is ramp access possible?

      Accessing the aircarft with your won vehicle is possible only when travelling on a private flight (General Aviation) and is subject to extra charges.

    • Who can book the VIP service?

      The VIP service is designed for passengers who value comfort and time.