Flight school

During the classes, participants will have  training with merits related to the content corresponding to the guidelines for the Technical peer Exploitation Department. There are theoretical classes 35 hours total and then the ,,hands on” part in the service ,,Need Help’’ lasting 20 hours in the passenger terminal at the Krakow Airport. There are three thematically varied e-learning training courses,  a series of lectures on aviation history, airport operations, airport competitions, English and the airport, tourism in aviation, freight air transport and animals as a workers,  a detailed discussion of the departing passenger’s  path and a detailed discussion of the topography of the Krakow Airport combined with out door classes. The participants will also have an opportunity to take part in a flight simulator and a virtual simulator of the work of Ground Air Traffic Coordinators, commonly known as a Marshallers in a specially prepared room- VR  Marshaller Room.  The most active participants of the classes will have a chance to stand a front of a  parking plane and make special gestures which help them direct it to the correct parking place. Participants must be 8 years and over. Booking a date and determining the scope of training/ practices: