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Pre flight check


1. While making reservation notify Your Airline

Advise your airline of any special requirements including the need to assist unaccompanied minors or disabled passengers, carry medical supplies on board, or request courtesy wheelchair assistance.

2.Check Flight Status
Contact your airline to verify flight information and check the status of your flight before coming to the airport.

3. Charge Your Electronics
If you are bringing a mobile phone and/or laptop with you, it’s a good idea to have these fully charged before you leave. You will be able to use these at the airport, but once you’re on the plane they will have to be switched off during takeoff and landing and in the case of your mobile, possibly during the flight.

4. Pack Smart
  • Remember the rules for hand luggage. Place liquids, gels, and aerosols in 100 ml containers, in a one-liter-size, clear, plastic, zip-top bag. Only one bag is permitted per passenger. Passengers boarding flights in Poland need to be aware of the rules for the amount of liquids, aerosols and gels  one can take on board any flight. This includes duty free liquids, aerosols and gels such as alcohol, perfume or cosmetics, regardless of where they were purchased before the security screening point. For more information visit our hand luggage section.
  • Medically necessary liquids like breast milk, baby formula, and insulin are permitted and must be declared to a security officer at the checkpoint.
  • Tag checked and hand luggage inside and out with your name, address, and phone number.
  • Certain items are prohibited in your luggage. For a complete list, please visit the list.
  • Pack your medication, passport, jewelry, important documents, and other valuables in your hand luggage.
  • Remember that both, checked and hand luggage are subject to search.
  • Ensure you do not exceed your baggage allowance.
  • For more information visit our luggage section.

5. Dress Smart
Belt buckles, shoes, and other attire containing metal may set off the metal detectors at the security checkpoints. Therefore, we do advise to dress as comfortably as possible if the time and type of you trip will let you so.
To save time pack all such metal items in your hand luggage before arriving at the checkpoint. Place shoes, sweaters, jackets and 1-liter bag in a bin before going through the metal detectors.

6. Remember Your Travel Documents and valid identification
Before leaving for the airport, make sure you have your ID/passport, visa (if required) as well as ticket or boarding pass. For more information on travel documents visit our travel documents section.

7. Get to the airport
  • Visit our transport section to check all the means of transport available to get to Krakow Airport.
  • Arrive approximately 120 minutes prior to your scheduled departure to allow plenty of time to get around. Contact your airline for specific flight information and suggested arrival times.
  • Visit our parking section to check parking options and rates at Krakow Airport.

8. Check-in tips
  • Check-in normally opens up to two hours and closes approximately 40 minutes prior to flight departure, depending on the terms and conditions specified by your airline.
  • Once you arrive at the terminal, look for the flight information display screens. These will tell you which check-in counter has been allocated for your flight.
  • Do not make jokes about bombs or make security threats. This is a criminal offense and the police may be called. As a consequence you might miss your flight or your airline might not allow you to board your flight.
  • Don’t leave your baggage unattended at any time as it will be treated as suspicious and taken away.
  • It is recommended that passengers clear Customs, Immigration and Security Screening one hour prior to the flight departure time.

9. Get ready for boarding
  • Security Screening – whether your destination is within Poland or abroad allow sufficient time to proceed through security screening. For more information about the security screening process visit our Security page.
  • Polish Customs and Border Guards – allow sufficient time to proceed through Customs and Border Protection. For more information about Customs and Border Protection procedures and regulations, visit the Polish Border Guard website or European Customs Information Portal.
  • ID/Passports - We strongly recommend you verify exact requirements either with your airline or embassy of the country you travel to. You can visit our Airline directory for contact details. 
  • Boarding passes are issued at the airline check-in counter upon presentation of your ticket reservation or e-ticket or booking confirmation number along with your valid ID/passport. If you check-in online you can save your boarding pass into your mobile device and present it at the gate.
Please be aware that some airlines require to present already printed boarding pass. We strongly advise to check with your airline while booking a flight.
  • Find your departing gate using display screens. These screens are available in the airline check-in area and at each departure gate.  

Passenger rights
You can check the detailed information regarding tha passenger rights within EU here.