Vocational classes

The series of vocational classes are addressed to young people at the stage of choosing a further education or career path. As part of the 3-hour meeting, we offer: Visiting the Aviation Education Center (discussing the departing passenger's path), a thematic lesson presenting the cross-section of the competition at the Krakow Airport in the form of a film presenting the requirements for future employees. An additional attraction is the sightseeing of the Krakow Airport passenger terminal and the entrance to the observation deck. The participants have a flight simulator or (to choose) a virtual simulator (to choose) of the work of the Ground Air Coordinators, colloquially called marshallers. In a specially prepared room for this purpose - so-called VR Marshaller Room, the most active participants of the trip will have a chance to stand in front of a parking plane and with appropriate gestures to direct it to the right parking space. CHECK AVAILABILITY