Lesson plan - classes I-III

We encourage you to download the lesson plan for classes I-III "Safety of children in air travel" prepared by the Team of the Aviation Education Centre.

Free downloads are available below:
Children's safety in air travel - a learning scenario - download

Attachments to the script  (available only in Polish version);
The silhouette of an airplane
Identity card specimens
A specimen of a boarding pass with a description
Comparison of hand luggage and checked-in baggage
What can you take on a plane? - work cards
What can you take on a plane? - answers to the work card
The safety of children in air travel - leaflet
List of items prohibited for carriage in air transport
CITES: list of plant and animal species prohibited for transboundary trade and products derived therefrom
What happens on a plane board before takeoff
"Fly Wisely, Be Safe" - leaflet from the Civil Aviation Authority
Lesson summary - work card
Lesson summary - answers to the work card

"Safety of children in air travel" is a new program cycle of th Aviation Education Centre. Thanks to the developed scenarios, you can also join our action and actively raise students awareness of broadly understood travel safety -from airport procedures to species of fauna and flora protected by the so-called CITES Convention.