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Below you will find the most important information regarding the suggested age of the participants in the various visit programmes and the prices of our products. 
The implementation of selected programmes for age groups other than those indicated below is possible in the course of individual arrangements. For this purpose, please contact us at






Tour programme 
Suggested age of participants 
Price per person
Visit in Aviation Education Center No limits  15 PLN
Aviation Education Centre + Passenger terminal No limits  30 PLN*
Aviation Education Center + Airport Theatre 5-7  30 PLN*
Aviation Education Centre + Thematic lesson 8-15  30 PLN*
A lesson in profession - film projection "Jobs at the airport” 15+  30 PLN*
Airport workshops no limits  20 PLN
Celebrational event

individual arrangements, suggested selection of participants of similar age

 28 PLN
Vocational classes


(industry schools, students)

 30 PLN*
Flight school


(industry schools, students)

 75 PLN/4h, 500 PLN/55 h
Summer camp

the division into age groups applies:

8-11 / 12-16

 80 PLN/1 day, 400 PLN/5 days
Specialised training Individual arrangements




*the product is only available in combination with basic programs according to the current booking calendar