Rules of vehicle parking

Parking system at Kraków Airport, rates in the Kiss&Fly area.


There are new barriers added at the entrance from Kryspinów and road DW 774. Drivers entering the airport area through those barriers also take a ticket. When leaving the Kiss&Fly area, it is enough to present the ticket the drivers collected before. If drivers use the multi-storey car park (P1) or a car parks (P2/P3), they pay the right price based on the ticket collected at entrance barriers.

Short-term use of Terminal Internal Road System (IRS) and designated parking spaces located in the IRS is free of charge. For the short-term use of IRS it is considered not more than 3 times a day entering and staying a vehicle in the IRS area, for a total of no more than 10 minutes each time. Each subsequent entry of a vehicle into the IRS area will result in accrual the charge of PLN 10,00 per each commenced 10 minutes. Passengers planning a longer stay should then choose the multi-storey car park (P1) or a car parks (P2/P3). The Kiss&Fly area is intended only for drivers who drop off or pick up passengers and stop their car for a few minutes. With such a solution, it is more convenient for passengers to use the Kiss&Fly area, and the Kraków Airport internal traffic improves.

The parking charge can be paid in eight parking metres located at the exits from the multi-storey car park (P1) staircases, at the car park (P2), at the passage from the multi-storey car park (P1) to the footbridge between the railway station and the passenger terminal, next to the Car Park Customer Service (multi-storey car park - P1, level 0) or at the Kiss&Fly area (on the arrivals entrance level).

Drivers are requested to pay attention to the signs at the barriers located at the entrance to the airport and to choose the right lane. The first two lanes on the left sight are dedicated to the hotel and both car parks (P1/P2/P3). The next lane is for entering the Kiss&Fly area. Next two lanes are intended for coaches and buses and also as a Cargo driveway.


The possibility of remaining in the area of the Internal Traffic System for 10 minutes free of charge is up to maximum of 40 minutes a day. Each started 10 minutes over 10 minutes from the entrance and over the total time of 40 minutes a day is charged PLN 10.00.

More information regarding the Terminal Internal Road System (IRS):